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[Note: Due to events that happened in the previous episode, the following characters cannot be recruited into the party nor be used in strategy battles in the meantime.

1. Setsumi
2. Asa
3. Athrun
4. Zenki
5. Multi
6. Serio
7. Milfeulle
8. Ayu
9. Misuzu
10. Reverie
11. Arcueid
12. Saber
13. Shiho
14. Lemmy
15. Hattori
16. Mizuki
17. Serika
18. Naruto
19. Mami
20. Shinn
21. Jin
22. Ranpha
23. Forte
24. Viki
25. Genjo Sanzo
26. Katie
27. Mint
28. Meis
29. Yumi
30. Sachiko
31. Kazuma
32. Vanilla H
33. Aoi

Make sure to use the remaining characters judiciously.]

Early November 2007.

The last month saw The N3 Collective commence its assault on the supposedly “inferior” Filipino culture by erecting its “sub-only globe”, which makes unfortunate victims speak Japanese, whether they like it or not. While the effects of that globe are still felt in some parts of the Philippines, there are other problems that the Nueva Liga Filipina has to tackle.

Like Lt. (s.g.) Antonio Trillanes IV and his Magdalo Group, which has allied with the Aquinos and Sir Gabby’s motley crew.

At Balay Kapatiran’s command center, the still-conscious members of the Nueva Liga Filipina are hard at work in monitoring both the Magdalo Group’s and the N3 Collective’s activities — specially that their active numbers have temporarily dwindled due to the effects of the “sub-only globe” that knocked the Japanese fictional characters unconscious.

Meanwhile, back at an undisclosed location where the Magdalo Group and its cohorts are planning for a repeat of the 2003 Oakwood mutiny, where Trillanes was also the mastermind…

Trillanes: Ang galit… ang silakbo… ang siyang magiging ningas… at sandata… para pabagsakin ang pesteng Arroyo at ang kanyang mga galamay! At salamat sa aking mga backers… natuklasan ko ang isang concoction upang ilabas ang galit na kailangang-kailangan natin!

That concoction Trillanes is talking about? It is a hybrid DNA injection composing of Orphnoch genes the group has secured from DJ Mo’s corpse, the Las Plagas genes the Aquinos have acquired from a secret agent who infiltrated the Ganados’ village after Osmund Saddler was killed, and Makamou genes culled from another secret agent, who was working for Sir Gabby before mysteriously disappearing.

The concoction has the ability to amplify a human’s basal anger and hatred and harness them to enhance the human’s physical and magical strengths. While the concoction lacks the mutation-inducing properties of the Orphnoch DNA and Las Plagas, anyone injected with the concoction seethes with monstrous anger that is enough to strike fear into its enemies.

With backing from the moneyed members of those who oppose Arroyo, Trillanes was able to create many samples and inject them into several test subjects, including select members of the Magdalo Group, Lopez loyalists, and other notable personalities in the opposition. No adverse reactions were recorded, making the whole experiment a rousing success.

After the administering of the concoction, Trillanes declares the following.

Trillanes: With our combined power, ang sinumang babangga sa atin ay siguradong magigiba! We will be a force to be reckoned with! We will start a new EDSA! Viva el Partido Liberal de los Amarillos de Familia Cojuangco-Aquino!

His plan? While he and his cohorts are on trial for the Oakwood mutiny, they will all angrily flee from the court and instigate another rebellion by invading Makati. The group will take over a luxury hotel and serve as its headquarters. There, they will call for President Arroyo’s resignation and will develop desperate measures if that huge demand is not met. Those measures, of course, will involve lots of blood-spilling, especially Arroyo’s.

November 29, 2007.

The Oakwood mutiny trial commences. While the court is in session, Trillanes chants the following.

Trillanes: Ken Ken Paa! Ken Ken Paa! Magparami, magparami! Patayin si Arroyo at ang kanyang mga alipores and ang masa’y magpupunyagi!

While everyone in the court is baffled by his chant, Trillanes and his cohorts emit a burning red-black aura. Their eyes also burn red while their faces show gradually increasing amounts of anger.

The mutineers then storm out of the court, causing destruction to the court house. Anyone who tries to intercept them are easily dispatched.

Eventually, after a march that emanates burning anger and seething hatred for Arroyo, the Magdalo Group and its associates eventually landed at the Peninsula Manila. In less than an hour, the entire hotel is taken by force. Hotel management, employees, and patrons flee the Manila Pen out of fear due to the immense unholy power the Magdalo Group emanates.

Some hours later, other personalities sympathetic to the group’s cause eventually enter the premises of the occupied hotel. They have been easily bewitched by the unholy aura of anger and hatred that Trillanes and company emit.

Trillanes, along with former vice-president Teofisto Guingona and Brig. Gen. Danilo Lim, declares the following on a website which he set up himself post-haste.

“Lt. (s.g.) Antonio Trillanes, Brig. Gen. Danilo Lim, Magdalo soldiers, their guards, and the people have started marching towards Makati triangle.

We presently find in existence a dangerous concept where the armed forces now owe their primary allegiance and loyalty to those who temporarily exercise the authority of the executive branch of the government rather than to the country and the Constitution they have sworn to protect. That is a concept we defy and struggle to eradicate. If you believe you are a man of will and courage with unselfish motives and brave enough to fight against such tyranny, rise up and be counted! Let your seething anger be the spark to fight that tyranny and shed gallons and gallons of blood doing so!”

Ladies and gentlemen, the Manila Peninsula siege has officially commenced.

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