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July 2007.

Somewhere in Bulacan…

A group of armed people harass a group of youths. The armed people wear headbands that display the kanji for “Nippon Banzai”, and they are all equipped with Howa Type 89 assault rifles. While pointing their rifles at the heads of the unfortunate youths, they chant the following:

“Paslangin sila kung saan sila nahahanap, dahil ang panggigipit sa mga sub-only fans ay mas kasuklam-suklam kaysa sa pagkatay sa mga dub fans… dahil ang boses ng lahat ng J-media ay dapat sa Hapon lang.”

They are about to pull their triggers… when a swift, sweeping sword slash knocked them all out.

A silver-armored man then appears in front of the harassed youths, and advises them in his bombastic voice: “Ligtas na kayo ngayon. Sabihin ninyo sa mga kapwa ninyo dub fans ma meron nang katapat ang grupong gustong puksain ang lahat ng klase ng dubs sa Pilipinas at sa buong mundo.”

The youths then leave the scene, feeling secure at being saved by the silver vigilante at their time of peril. The vigilante then leaves a sign on top of the felled assailants, who all died shortly after too much blood loss from their sustained slash wounds:

“Ninais kong patayin ang lahat ng dubber, kaya dapat akong mamatay.”

He then leaves the scene as if nothing happened.


A few days later, in a mini-convention in Cebu…

Some armed men who are carrying Howa Type 89 assault rifles storm the building where the convention is held. Their purpose: take a group of dubbers hostage until their demand of making all anime, video games, tokusatsu series, and Japanese drama series that are distributed and aired in the Philippines Japanese-voiced and sub-only is met. The armed men even declare on national TV:

“Huwag po tayong maging mga talangkang walang utak na tumatangkilik lang sa mga walang utak na dubs.”

The convention organizers are powerless before the armed men, and even the law enforcement authorities who are normally capable of hostage crises like this are unable to come up with a viable solution due to the absurdity of the demand and the hostage-takers’ sheer persistence.

Moments later, the silver vigilante arrives at the scene. The hostage-takers attempt to shoot both him and the hostages due to the vigilante’s swift action, but the vigilante casts a spell that freezes the hostage-takers’ time flow. He then takes the hostage-takers outside the building, hangs them upside-down on a nearby tree, then fatally shoots them using their own rifles. He then hangs the same sign he used on the previous group of armed men he killed on the hostage-takers.

He never returned to the building, but the convention organizers are thankful to the silver vigilante for swiftly resolving the hostage crisis.


A few days have passed again, and we now shift the focus to General Santos City.

Yet another group of armed men, carrying Howa Type 89 assault rifles and displaying placards denigrating dubs and dub fans (calling them worms, lowlifes, etc.), take part in an illegal, violent protest. The leader of the armed group is sharp-tongued, showing no absolute mercy for his designated enemies.

“Ang ating prinsipyo ng N3 — no cuts, no dubs, no censors — ay dapat ikalat sa buong mundo… dahil ito ang katotohanan! Dapat itong ikalat sa pamamagitan ng pwersa para mas marami ang makukumbinsi!”

And true to the leader’s words, random unluncky people are forced to accept the group’s doctrine, or they will be immediately shot.

But then, the silver vigilante shows up again. Wielding his sword, he sees the armed men using the unlucky captives as human shields.

The leader rudely asks the vigilante, “Sino ka ba talaga? Marami kang pinatay na mga kabaro kong mga sub-only fanatics, kaya dapat kang mamatay ng 10,000 beses!”

“Hindi ka nararapat na alamin ang pangalan ko!”

In a heartbeat, the vigilante thrusts his sword into the ground; and suddenly, the armed men’s heads begin to enlarge, until they explode.

The human shields are shocked by this turn of events, but they thank the silver vigilante, who nonchalantly left the scene — but not without leaving various placards that display the same message on the two previous groups of armed men he killed on the headless corpses of the current group of armed men.

As you can guess, the three groups of armed harassers all belong to the N3 Collective. And the silver-armored vigilante is only known as Dark Paladin X, as he wants to keep his true identity super-secret. His theme song, by the way, is “GoseiKnight Can’t Be Defeated” (from Tensou Sentai Goseiger).

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