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July 2007.

Somewhere in Bulacan…

A group of armed people harass a group of youths. The armed people wear headbands that display the kanji for “Nippon Banzai”, and they are all equipped with Howa Type 89 assault rifles. While pointing their rifles at the heads of the unfortunate youths, they chant the following:

“Paslangin sila kung saan sila nahahanap, dahil ang panggigipit sa mga sub-only fans ay mas kasuklam-suklam kaysa sa pagkatay sa mga dub fans… dahil ang boses ng lahat ng J-media ay dapat sa Hapon lang.”

They are about to pull their triggers… when a swift, sweeping sword slash knocked them all out.

A silver-armored man then appears in front of the harassed youths, and advises them in his bombastic voice: “Ligtas na kayo ngayon. Sabihin ninyo sa mga kapwa ninyo dub fans ma meron nang katapat ang grupong gustong puksain ang lahat ng klase ng dubs sa Pilipinas at sa buong mundo.”

The youths then leave the scene, feeling secure at being saved by the silver vigilante at their time of peril. The vigilante then leaves a sign on top of the felled assailants, who all died shortly after too much blood loss from their sustained slash wounds:

“Ninais kong patayin ang lahat ng dubber, kaya dapat akong mamatay.”

He then leaves the scene as if nothing happened.


A few days later, in a mini-convention in Cebu…

Some armed men who are carrying Howa Type 89 assault rifles storm the building where the convention is held. Their purpose: take a group of dubbers hostage until their demand of making all anime, video games, tokusatsu series, and Japanese drama series that are distributed and aired in the Philippines Japanese-voiced and sub-only is met. The armed men even declare on national TV:

“Huwag po tayong maging mga talangkang walang utak na tumatangkilik lang sa mga walang utak na dubs.”

The convention organizers are powerless before the armed men, and even the law enforcement authorities who are normally capable of hostage crises like this are unable to come up with a viable solution due to the absurdity of the demand and the hostage-takers’ sheer persistence.

Moments later, the silver vigilante arrives at the scene. The hostage-takers attempt to shoot both him and the hostages due to the vigilante’s swift action, but the vigilante casts a spell that freezes the hostage-takers’ time flow. He then takes the hostage-takers outside the building, hangs them upside-down on a nearby tree, then fatally shoots them using their own rifles. He then hangs the same sign he used on the previous group of armed men he killed on the hostage-takers.

He never returned to the building, but the convention organizers are thankful to the silver vigilante for swiftly resolving the hostage crisis.


A few days have passed again, and we now shift the focus to General Santos City.

Yet another group of armed men, carrying Howa Type 89 assault rifles and displaying placards denigrating dubs and dub fans (calling them worms, lowlifes, etc.), take part in an illegal, violent protest. The leader of the armed group is sharp-tongued, showing no absolute mercy for his designated enemies.

“Ang ating prinsipyo ng N3 — no cuts, no dubs, no censors — ay dapat ikalat sa buong mundo… dahil ito ang katotohanan! Dapat itong ikalat sa pamamagitan ng pwersa para mas marami ang makukumbinsi!”

And true to the leader’s words, random unluncky people are forced to accept the group’s doctrine, or they will be immediately shot.

But then, the silver vigilante shows up again. Wielding his sword, he sees the armed men using the unlucky captives as human shields.

The leader rudely asks the vigilante, “Sino ka ba talaga? Marami kang pinatay na mga kabaro kong mga sub-only fanatics, kaya dapat kang mamatay ng 10,000 beses!”

“Hindi ka nararapat na alamin ang pangalan ko!”

In a heartbeat, the vigilante thrusts his sword into the ground; and suddenly, the armed men’s heads begin to enlarge, until they explode.

The human shields are shocked by this turn of events, but they thank the silver vigilante, who nonchalantly left the scene — but not without leaving various placards that display the same message on the two previous groups of armed men he killed on the headless corpses of the current group of armed men.

As you can guess, the three groups of armed harassers all belong to the N3 Collective. And the silver-armored vigilante is only known as Dark Paladin X, as he wants to keep his true identity super-secret. His theme song, by the way, is “GoseiKnight Can’t Be Defeated” (from Tensou Sentai Goseiger).

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Dedicated to the three valiants who quietly contributed to society and are now in the peaceful arms of heaven: Jesse Robredo, Neil Armstrong, and Jerry Nelson (the voice of Count von Count from Sesame Street).

Wendy’s “Hindi Ako Epal” poster generated thanks to the Obamicon.Me Hope Poster Generator (http://obamiconme.pastemagazine.com).

June 30, 2007.

Pro-Wendy and pro-ABS-CBN progpaganda are plastered everywhere in the Big Brother House, and even outside the house. The amount of posters and streamers are staggering; you would guess that those materials are a means of damage control from the defeat of Wendy some days ago.

And inside the Big Brother House…

…the housemate named Beatriz Saw secretly expresses her discontentment towards Wendy’s manipulation of the popularity votes, which led to Jeremy’s ouster from the House and the backstabbing of her fellow housemates save for Bruce.

Beatriz: Anong gusto ng Wendy Valdez na iyan? Always one-upping others via dirty tactics, tapos ako… I’m just being humble sa gitna ng mga kaguluhan at kontrobersya. In fact, hindi ko talaga pakay ang magiging winner dito. I just wanted to test myself. Buti na lang… nandito ang Nueva Liga Filipina. Kahit anong unos ang kinakalbaryo nila… hindi pa rin sila napapatumba… and their actions really speak louder than their words. They really mean business kung ang pag-uusapan ay ang pagsiwalat sa mga kabulukang nangyayari sa ating bansa.

Mr. Tulfo, meanwhile, devises a plan of action in order to deny Wendy of her abusive right to become the Ultimate Housemate — even developing several back-ups once the main plan goes haywire. Once his plan is complete, he calls on the rest of the Nueva Liga Filipina to brief them of the operation that will be made, dubbed “Operation Anti-Epal”.

Mr. Tulfo: Since the housemates will be transported to the Araneta Coliseum via vintage cars, gagamitin natin ang ilang vintage cars na kamukha rin ng mga gagamitin nila. We will use our vintage cars to infiltrate the coliseum.

The main strategist even pointed at the drivers who will transport the members of the select attack team: Cristy Fermin and Alfie Lorenzo.

Mr. Tulfo: Siguraduhin ninyong maayos ang daloy ng pag-eescort ninyo to prevent suspicion, OK?
Cristy and Alfie: Yes, sir.
Mr. Tulfo: And to the attack squad, while you’re inside the target site, always keep a low profile. We have even prepared a special storage device for your weapons and the rest of the essential inventory you will use, similar to the “bag of holding” from Dungeons & Dragons.
Matthew Luke: Siyempre. We know we don’t want to arouse suspicion hanggang sa…
Hyacinth: …umepal si Wendy nang todo-todo on national TV.
Mr. Tulfo: And to Nene, Keanna, Kim, and Sam… best uphold the spirit of what Pinoy Big Brother is all about. To Jeremy, never let your anger prevail in dispensing justice.
Nene, Keanna, Kim, Sam, Jeremy: Yes, sir.
Mr. Tulfo: Now, Matthew Luke and Hyacinth, decide the members of the attack squad.

(Please form your party. Members indicated with an asterisk are required.)

Battle Members
1. Matthew Luke *
2. Hyacinth *
3. Jeremy *
4. Ya Chang
5. Keanna *
6. Nene *

1. Kim *
2. Sam
3. Gerald *
4. Toni

Mr. Tulfo: Well then… commence the operation!

The infiltration operation goes on smoothly, and once the attack squad successfully enters the Araneta Coliseum, night falls — and the finale is about to start.

The childhood friends feel some deja vu when visiting the Araneta Coliseum, since two important events occurred there before. The first was the recruitment of Batista, the WWE superstar, into the army during the WWE Survivor Series Tour on October 22, 2006. The seocnd was the finale of Pinoy Dream Academy on December 16, 2006 — where both Yeng Constantino and Shiho Nagaoka, once bitter rivals, are made the best of friends after they were both recruited into the army.

As the cameras roll, “The Big Night at the Big Dome” formally starts. The finale of Pinoy Big Brother season 2.

During the program, the fourteen other housemates (except for Jeremy, of course); as well as Tina Semolic from the Slovenian version of Big Brother, danced various Philippine dances and even the polka.

Also present in the event are previous Pinoy Big Brother winners Nene Tamayo of the first season, Keanna Reeves of the Celebrity Edition, and Kim Chiu of the Teen Edition; as well as Zanjoe Marudo of the Celebrity Edition, and Sam Milby of the first season. As Nene, Keanna, Kim, and Sam are also part of the attack squad, they have to keep a low profile until the time is right.

Aside from the opening number, the only other huge number in the mostly formal and story-driven finale was the “final four housemates,” played by Jon Santos as Mickey Perz, Candy Pangilinan as Beatriz Saw, Giselle Sanchez as Gee-Ann Abrahan, and R. S. Francisco as Wendy Valdez, engaging on a debate on who should be the winner. Ms. Francisco, being forced to portray the “evil empress”, had to accept her role in the event, as she secretly hates Wendy, too.

The climax of the event then comes… the formal announcement of the final vote tally. Suddenly, the stage goes dark, and both Wendy and Bruce reveal their true colors as they both cast a mind-control spell on the entire audience as the lights go back a few minutes later.

Wendy: Ako na ang Ultimate Housemate! Nakuha ko ang 100% ng mga boto!
Bruce: Winner… winner… winner…

But the audience, knowing that they despise Wendy for her despicable actions on- and off-cam, make the brave decision to boo her.

Wendy: Bakit hindi pa kayo makasunod sa akin!? Mga insekto kayo! Dapat kayong mamatay!
Bruce: Patayin… patayin… patayin…

She then casts several trap spells on unlucky members of the audience, who are then screaming in pain.

Wendy: Ahahaha! Sumunod kayo sa akin at sa kaharian na pamumunuan ng mga tunay na Pilipino tulad ng mga Lopez at ng mga Aquino! Ahahahaha! Viva el Partido Liberal de los Amarillos de Familia Cojuangco-Aquino!
Bruce: Mabuhay… mabuhay… mabuhay…

The attack squad, knowing that Wendy crossed the line, then charged towards the stage.

Jeremy: Ngayon, bistado na sa national TV ang kaepalan mo, Wendy Valdez! Pati na yung panggagamit mo kay Bruce Quebral ay kaepalan! Ngayong kasama ko ang Nueva Liga Filipina, talagang magagapi ka ngayon!
????: Nueva Liga Filipina ba kamo?

The figure that shows up behind clouds of smoke is none other than… Gabby Lopez!

Sir Gabby: Inaasahan ko na darating kayo rito upang sirain ang selebrasyon. Kung hindi ninyo alam, ineendorso ko si Miss Wendy Valdez bilang Ultimate Housemate — dahil siya ay isang die-hard supporter ng mga Aquino, lalo na si Kris. Kaya gumagawa ako ng sari-saring paraan upang maisakatuparan ito, kasali na ang pagsasabit ng mga tarpaulin at poster na nagpapakita ng suporta kay Wendy kung saan-saan. Huwag ninyong tawaging “epal tarpaulin” o “epal poster” ang mga iyon! At yung Jeremy Hidano na iyon? Isa siyang traydor dahil meron siyang dugong Hapon! Alam ko, Jeremy, na ikaw ay isang espiya para masakop ng Hapon nang tuluyan ang Pilipinas!
Jeremy: Ang mga pinagsasabi mo… ay may malisya! Talagang nababalutan ka ng kadiliman!

He then prepares to morph.

Jeremy: QCPD, emergency!

With his morph, Jeremy becomes OmegaBreak once more.

Sir Gabby: Hinding-hindi ako matitinag niyan! Sige, Wendy. Ipakita sa kanila ang mas pinalaking kapangyarihan na binigay ko sa iyo!
Wendy: Opo, panginoon.

Wendy and Bruce then cast some kind of blasphemous black magic on each other, turning into an expy of Meltigemini, the true form of Zorn and Thorn from Final Fantasy IX.

Wendy: Ahahaha! Mas malakas na ako ngayon! Parang pinatay ko ang panginoon ng impiyerno upang kunin ang lakas ito!
Bruce: Emperor… emperor… emperor…
Sir Gabby: Ngayon, Nueva Liga Filipina! Ang araw na mawawala nang tuluyan ang pesteng samahan na ito ay nasa aking mga kamay! All in the service of the Filipino!

The Stars of Destiny who are PBB alumni then rise up to challenge what Sir Gabby said.

Keanna & Nene: Hindi namin mapapahintulutan ang tuloy-tuloy na pambababoy sa Pinoy Big Brother!
Kim & Gerald: Ang lahat ng bersyon ng Big Brother ay tungkol sa pagpapakatoo ng isang tao sa isang bahay na puno ng mga kamera na mga mata ng sambayanan! Kahit si Tina na taga-Slovenia, alam niya ang nararamdaman nating mga housemate, dati man o kasalukuyan!
Sam & Toni: Kung pasikatan at pagpapapel lang ang Big Brother, hinding-hindi ito papasa sa planning stage ng mga taga-Endemol!
Jeremy: Kaya ngayon… ibabalik namin ang true essence ng Pinoy Big Brother! Kayong mga epal… ay dapat turuan ng leksyon!
Sir Gabby: Hmph. Mga dati kong bata… hindi kayo natuto. Sige… idaan na lang ang argumentong ito sa isang laban. Tutal, ito lang naman ang gusto ng mga madlang pipol, no?
Wendy: Kaya ngayon… wawasakin ko ang pinakamalaking harang na nasa harap ko! Ito na ang simula ng “daang matuwid”!

With the fused monster’s furious growl…


Allies: Matthew Luke, Hyacinth, Jeremy, Ya Chang, Keanna, Nene
Enemy: Meltigemini Emperoress (HP: 30,444)

Meltigemini Emperoress’s attacks:
1. Pakpak ng Pagpapapel — regular physical attack vs. 1 enemy
2. Malawakang Lason — non-elemental attack vs. all enemies, inflicts Poison on all enemies
3. Makamandag na Pulbos — inflicts Poison on 1 enemy
4. Proteksyon — increase self’s/ally’s PDEF
5. Ilusyon — increase self’s/ally’s EVA
6. Kabilisan — increase self’s/ally’s SPD
7. Kabagalan — decrease 1 enemy’s SPD
8. Kidlatlo — high-tier Thunder magic vs. 1 enemy/all enemies
9. Witch and Warlock’s Brimstone Domination — Its “Mystic Arte”. Both Wendy and Bruce unleash their magical fury to deal non-elemental damage to all enemies.

Matthew Luke chooses to transform into the Third Blessed Being, Kazuki Sendoh.

Voice of Matthew Luke’s wristband: Standing by.
Matthew Luke: Protagonist Change!
Voice of Matthew Luke’s wristband: Complete.

Transformation complete.
Matthew Luke chooses to cast Mighty Pen on Meltigemini Emperoress. That attack deals 2454 damage to Meltigemini Emperoress. A critical hit!
Hyacinth chooses to transform into the Third Blessed Being, Flonne.

Voice of Hyacinth’s wristband: Standing by.
Hyacinth: Heroine Change!
Voice of Hyacinth’s wristband: Complete.

Transformation complete.
Hyacinth chooses to attack Meltigemini Emperoress. She deals 756 damage to Meltigemini Emperoress.
Jeremy chooses to cast Seiyuu Shoukan: Yui Horie on all enemies.

Jeremy: (while revving the throttle part of the BraceThrottle) BraceThrottle! Seiyuu Shoukan: Yui Horie!

Holograms of Minori Kushieda, Eri Sawachika, and Naru Narusegawa appear and singlehandedly beat up Meltigemini Emperoress. That attack deals 2243 damage to Meltigemini Emperoress. A critical hit!
Ya Chang chooses to cast Hadouken [Wave Motion Sword] on Meltigemini Emperoress. That attack deals 1945 damage to Meltigemini Emperoress. A critical hit!
Keanna chooses to cast Barako on Nene. Nene’s ATK increased by 55.
Nene chooses to attack Meltigemini Emperoress. She deals 1743 damage to Meltigemini Emperoress.
Meltigemini Emperoress chooses to cast Makamandag na Pulbos on Matthew Luke. But Matthew Luke is not Poisoned!
Matthew Luke chooses to cast Mighty Pen on Meltigemini Emperoress. That attack deals 2199 damage to Meltigemini Emperoress.
Hyacinth chooses to attack Meltigemini Emperoress. She deals 1134 damage to Meltigemini Emperoress. A critical hit!
Jeremy chooses to cast Seiyuu Shoukan: Tomokazu Sugita on all enemies.

Jeremy: (while revving the throttle part of the BraceThrottle) BraceThrottle! Seiyuu Shoukan: Tomokazu Sugita!

Holograms of Kyon, Kivat-Bat the III, and Kamen Rider Strike appear and begin their blitzkrieg on Meltigemini Emperoress. They all deal 1700 damage to Meltigemini Emperoress.
Ya Chang chooses to cast Shoryuken [Rising Dragon Sword] on Meltigemini Emperoress. That attack deals 2270 damage to Meltigemini Emperoress. A critical hit!
Keanna chooses to attack Meltigemini Emperoress. She deals 670 damage to Meltigemini Emperoress.
Nene chooses to cast SMG Musket on Meltigemini Emperoress. That attack deals 30 hits and 2243 damage to Meltigemini Emperoress. A critical hit!
Meltigemini Emperoress chooses to cast Witch and Warlock’s Brimstone Domination on all allies.

Wendy: Ang aming rehimen ay walang hanggan! Ahahahaha. Hamak na bulate!
Bruce: Bulate… bulate… bulate…

With its power of domination over every other housemate, plus the backing of Sir Gabby, Meltigemini Emperoress unleashes all its magical fury. It deals 650 damage to all allies. All allies are now in critical condition.
Matthew Luke chooses to defend.
Hyacinth chooses to cast Power of Love on all allies. All allies’ HP’s are restored to full.
Jeremy chooses to defend.
Ya Chang chooses to switch places with Gerald. The current ally lineup is now Matthew Luke, Hyacinth, Jeremy, Gerald, Keanna, Nene.
Keanna chooses to defend.
Nene chooses to defend.
Meltigemini Emperoress chooses to cast Proteksyon on itself. Its PDEF increased by 69.
Matthew Luke chooses to switch places with Sam. The current ally lineup is now Sam, Hyacinth, Jeremy, Gerald, Keanna, Nene.
Hyacinth chooses to switch places with Kim. The current ally lineup is now Sam, Kim, Jeremy, Gerald, Keanna, Nene.
Jeremy chooses to do a cooperative attack with Nene, Keanna, Kim, Gerald, and Sam named “PBB Combined Assault Version 2.0”.

Jeremy: (while charging his aura) Ngayon, kaming mga tunay na bida ni Kuya ang sama-samang gagapi sa iyong epal na diktadurya, Wendy Valdez!
Wendy: Kahit kayong mga dating Ultimate Housemates, wala kayong silbi sa akin! Sama-sama kayong mga insekto na masusunog sa impiyerno magpakailanman… bilang pagtupad sa aking daang matuwid!

From out of nowhere, Beatriz Saw shows up in front of the battle party.

Beatriz: Sawang-sawa na ako sa mga pang-aapi at pagmamanipula mo, Wendemonya! Talagang demonya ka… kahit mga ordinaryong manonood ng PBB… nararamdaman nila ang masamang aura mo na siksik at liglig! At yung daang matuwid mo… ay dapat tawaging “daang matuwad”! Dapat kang tumuwad at tanggapin na hindi ka bagay maging Ultimate Housemate… dahil maitim ang budhi mo! Sayang naman ang kagandahan mo!
Wendy: Sinasabi ko nga ba… magtatraydor ka rin, Bea. Hindi ko naramdaman na kakampi ka ng walang-kuwentang Jeremy na iyon, kahit gamit ang aking mahika.
Beatriz: Dahil meron akong natutunan mula sa kanya… na “hindi maiintindihan ng kasamaan ang kabutihan”!
Jeremy: Magaling, Beatriz! Ito ang isa sa mga dapat isapuso ng isang superhero!
Wendy: Sige, sugurin ninyo ako nang sabay-sabay. Tingnan natin kung sino ang mananaig sa huli.
Bruce: Kami… kami… kami…

Beatriz gives Jeremy, Nene, Keanna, Kim, Gerald, and Sam a shot each of inspiration — a simple pat on the shoulder.
That triggers a Cooperative Attack Evolution. The Cooperative Attack Evolution of Jeremy, Nene, Keanna, Kim, Gerald, and Sam is named “PBB Combined Assault Version 2.0 ~Ultima Shoe Throw~”.
Each PBB housemate dishes out his/her own attacks on the target, and they then bring out a single shoe each. The shoes are brimming with powerful non-elemental magic.

Jeremy, Nene, Keanna, Kim, Gerald, Sam: Ito ang aming alay sa iyo, asong epal!

The six then throw their shoes towards Meltigemini Emperoress. As the shoes draw closer to the target, they converge into a huge boomerang, impaling Meltigemini Emperoress with great physical and magical force.
That entire attack deals 27 hits and 14553 damage to Meltigemini Emperoress.

Bruce: Natalo… natalo… natalo…
Wendy: Hindi ako makapaniwalang… natalo ako ng mga insektong tulad ninyo… lalo ka na… Jeremy Hidano… not once… but twice! Kung hindi sana dahil sa inyo… ako… ang… magiging… Ultimate Housemate… ng sambayanang Pilipino… Sino… ba… talaga… kayo…? Ughh… UBOANGAAHHHH!

With Wendy Valdez’s and Bruce Quebral’s final words, Meltigemini Emperoress finally explodes in glorious death.


With both Wendy and Bruce dead, Sir Gabby is understandably upset.

Sir Gabby: Mga hinayupak talaga kayo, Nueva Liga Filipina! Una, si Kris; ngayon, si Wendy! Talagang hindi lang kayo mga ampalayang talangka na ayaw sa banal na pamamalakad ng mga Aquino! Kayo ay mga tunay na “enemies of the state”! Sigurado na ako na sa mga susunod na araw, itatakwil ng sambayanang Pilipino ang inyong samahan na sumeserbisyo kuno sa mga kababayan!
Matthew Luke: Hmph! Anong silbi ng malinis na public image kung ang budhi ay maitim?
Hyacinth: Dapat maintindihan n’yo na “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”!
Sir Gabby: Ah basta! Mananaig pa rin ang mga tunay na tagapagligtas ng Pilipinas! Babalikan ko rin kayo!

Sir Gabby then disappears in a puff of smoke.

After a moment of silence… the spell Wendy has over the audience is now gone. The vibrance of the audience is back, with the PBB alumni declaring true victory over the instigator of the whole vote-rigging controversy.

And then… an authoritative voice resonates around the Araneta Coliseum.

Voice of “Kuya”: Mga dating housemates na kasapi na ngayon ng Nueva Liga Filipina… maraming salamat sa pagresolba sa isang krisis na pwedeng sumira ng reputasyon ng mga Pilipino sa mundo. At kay Jeremy Hidano… taglay mo ang tunay na lakas na ipursige ang katarungan. Tutal, ginagawa mo ito sa ngalan ng iyong ina, hindi ba?
Jeremy: Opo, Kuya.
Voice of “Kuya”: Dahil dito… igagawad ko sa iyo ang titulo ng “Honorary Ultimate Housemate”. At sigurado na ang career mo bilang dubber, dahil maraming mga dubbing projects ang ilalaan sa iyo.
Jeremy: Salamat po, Kuya!
Voice of “Kuya”: Ngayon, gagawaran ko na ang titulo ng Ultimate Housemate, na hindi magawa ng mga staff ko dahil sa mga sala-salabat na pagmamanipula ni Wendy.

In the end, Beatriz is declared the winner, garnering 1,571,556 votes or 30.29% of total votes cast. Mickey comes in second with 1,286,166 votes (24.79%). Wendy comes up third with 1,209,978 votes (23.32%), but the tally is immediately nullified following her death. Gee-Ann ends up last at 1,119,714 votes (21.58%). The total number of votes, which were amassed since the start of the open voting on June 17, 2007, broke all records held by all previous editions. For dramatic effect, Beatriz is brought into the stage in a giant disco ball following an impromptu decision by the PBB staff.

Beatriz then declares something.

Beatriz: Salamat sa inyong tiwala, mga kababayan. Kung hindi dahil sa inyo, hindi ako mananalo sa reality show na ito. Ngayon, meron akong ipagkakatiwala sa inyo. Ako ay sasali sa Nueva Liga Filipina, dahil sa busilak na kalooban ng mga lider nito na sina Matthew Luke Laonglaan at Hyacinth Monterola, pati na rin ng sa busilak na kalooban ng honorary housemate ko na si Jeremy Hidano. At dahil idol ko si Mr. Ben Tulfo, I will volunteer to be his female tertiary strategist.

Back at the Balay Kapatiran’s command center…

Mr. Tulfo: I never knew Ms. Saw would be one of my admirers. Maybe I’ll teach her some of my tricks para meron akong kasama sa pagbalangkas ng mga plano. After all, I don’t want to handle this job alone, right?

“The Big Night at the Big Dome” and Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 then formally end.

Matthew Luke: Phew. Sa wakas, naresolba natin ang isa pang anomalya.
Hyacinth: Pero meron pa rin tayong dapat ayusin.
Matthew Luke: Oo. Si Kira. At ang N3. Naalala ko tuloy yung isang kasabihan… “by arguing with idiots, we run the risk of becoming idiots ourselves”.
Hyacinth: Totoo nga iyon, kaya upang hindi tayo magmukhang tanga… we must formulate the best anti-racist statements against them. Kung matigas pa rin ang ulo nila, fighting them is our last resort.
Matthew Luke: Tama ka, Hyacinth. Malayo pa ang umaga, tulad ng kinanta ni Rey Valera.

Indeed, the morning’s still far. There are still things that the Nueva Liga Filipina has to fix.

Stars Introduced So Far

Chifuku – Hiding Star
(Shi En, Gold-Eyed Tiger Cub)
Beatriz Saw

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