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Mr. Tulfo: So… Wendy Valdez is in control of the entire Big Brother House, right? Dinaig pa niya si “Kuya”. And that evil energy surrounding the house… is no doubt coming from her. A frontal infantry-based attack may be the best way to stop her from producing more evil energy.
Jeremy: Ganito rin ang iniisip ko, Sir Bitag.
Matthew Luke: So let’s prepare five squads for the assault on the house. Only the best and finest warriors among us will be included… at Jeremy, kasama ka roon, siyempre.
Hyacinth: Right!

Strategy Battle 4: Invasion of the Corrupted Big Brother House

The Nueva Liga Filipina (with Jeremy) decides to head to the PBB house. The army is met with lots of robotic minions… and, of course, Wendy and Bruce.

Wendy: Ahahaha. Hindi ko inaasahang babalik ka rito, Jeremy Hidano. Akala ko… pinatay ka na parang isang pipistuging insekto. At meron ka pang mga kasamang pawang mga insekto rin.
Bruce: Insekto… insekto… insekto…
Jeremy: Hindi kami insekto! Ako ay isang taong ipinaglalaban ang hustisya! Ang pangarap kong paligayahin ang nakararami gamit ang aking puhunan — ang boses ko!
Matthew Luke: OK… Jeremy, it’s your time to shine! Your time to dash!
Jeremy: Sige!

Jeremy then steps forward, and readies himself.

Jeremy: QCPD, Emergency!

Flicking the switch of his BraceThrottle, the background changes to a shining white tunnel that accelerates by itself. The morpher then releases a hologram of the battle suit he will wear. He runs along the tunnel, does a 900-degree backflip and lands flawlessly, and then his body absorbs the hologram suit, materializing it.

Jeremy: Face on!

A helmet then materializes, completely covering his head. The transformation is complete.

Jeremy: Ako ang wawasak sa kadiliman ng kasamaan! Ako ang magbibigay-liwanag sa mga nangangailangan! Mirai no Chikara! OmegaBreak!

Wendy smirks, and then commands her robotic horde…

Wendy: Sige, lipulin silang lahat!
Bruce: Lipulin… lipulin… lipulin…

Victory Condition: Defeat Wendy.

Loss Condition: Jeremy is defeated.

Special Note: You can freely assign battle and support units to the five required friendly squads, but Jeremy will always be assigned to Squad A.

For completion’s sake, here are the squad designations. As an addendum to the rules on strategic battles first set forth in episode 5, battle units can also be assigned as support units, but support units cannot be assigned as battle units.

1. Squad A
B: Matthew Luke, Hyacinth, Jeremy, James, Toni, Sam
S: Tintin, Joelle, Mami, Meis

2. Squad B
B: Mizuki, Asa, Ayu, Misuzu, Arcueid, Saber
S: Mike, Ben, Ogie, Michael V.

3. Squad C
B: Ya Chang, Kim, Gerald, Hero, Joseph, Sandara
S: Hattori, Lito, Pinacolada Neko, Kazuma

4. Squad D
B: Milfeulle, Mint, Ranpha, Forte, Vanilla, Nene
S: Nigel, Serika, Setsumi, Keanna

5. Squad E
B: Multi, Serio, Hard Gay, Yumi, Sachiko, Aoi
S: Katie, Sanzo, Viki, Yeng


The outcome of this strategy battle? Squads A, B, and C successfully breach the formation of Ironhead Krybot Infantry 1, 2, 3, 4, and 9; while Squads D and E are successful in preventing Ironhead Krybot Infantry 7 & 8 and 5 & 6, respectively, from ambushing the rest of the squads.

Some time later… While the remaining squads finish off the minions, Squad A manages to defeat Wendy’s unit with minimal damage.


With all of the robotic minions defeated (and Bruce falling unconscious after being defeated)… the two mortal rivals stare at each other with fiery glances.

Wendy: Grr! Ang Bruce ko! Magbabayad ka!
Jeremy: Hindi na makakatulong yung lalaking kinokontol mo gamit ang iyong masamang salamangka. Ngayon, patas na ang laban. Isa laban sa isa.
Wendy: Sige lang… pero insekto ka pa rin sa paningin ko.

Wendy transforms into her more horrendrous form, and the duel begins.

[Duel: Jeremy Hidano vs. Wendy Valdez]


Low-life cretin!

Walang kuwenta.
Aliwin mo naman ako.
Wala ang salitang “talo” sa bokabularyo ko.
Nanginginig ang tumbong mo ngayon, no?
Nakakainis ang lakas mo.

Langit, langit, impiyerno!
Ako ang tunay na emperatris!
Walang hanggan ang aking rehimen!
Better luck next time… I mean, NEVER!
Pagbubusalin kita… magpakailanman.

When Wendy’s HP reaches the critical level…


Jeremy powers his BraceThrottle for his finishing move.

Jeremy: Iniaalay ko ang lahat sa kamaong ito!

He then delivers a power punch that deals a critical hit to Wendy.

Jeremy Hidano wins — HEROIC BRUTALITY

[End of duel]

The dust is settled, and both duelists demorph. Furthermore, the evil energy surrounding the Bug Brother House has been dissipated.

Wendy: Grrr… Nanalo ka nga… pero hindi pa tapos ang laban… insekto… ka pa rin…
Jeremy: Kahit ako’y insekto… nanaig ako sa isang higanteng tulad mo!

Suddenly, a shadowy figure comes out of the Big Brother House.

Sir Gabby: Kamusta na kayo, mga dati kong kasama sa Nueva Liga Filipina?
Matthew Luke and Hyacinth: Sir Gabby?
Sir Gabby: Hindi pa rin kayo tapos sa walang-kuwentang krusada ninyo, gamit ang mga maruruming dayuhan. Siyanga pala, meron akong narinig na balita na meron pa kayong katunggaling grupo na puro mga die-hard Japanophiles ang mga miyembro nito! Hindi ko pakikialaman ito, dahil alam ko… at ng buong madlang pipol… na pareho kayong magagapi! Taging kami lamang na mga tunay na Pilipino ang mananaig sa huli!
Hyacinth: Don’t pull out that “true Filipino” crap!
Matthew Luke: Naku naman! Now I realize that Filipinos can even discriminate against other Filipinos! Sana… you should realize what you’ve done to us!
Sir Gabby: I won’t delve in such trivial things like forgiveness. Because we are pure, sinless, and clean!

Sir Gabby then feels Wendy gradually rising from her unconsciousness.

Wendy: Makining kayo… mga insekto… sa June 30… doon sa Araneta Coliseum… magtatatak ang aking tadhana… ang pagiging Ultimate Housemate! Subukin ninyong… pigilan ako… at matitikman ninyo… ang aking poot sa inyong mga insekto!
Sir Gabby: The “Big Night at the Big Dome”… I hope this will be the true end of the useless Nueva Liga Filipina! AHAHAHAHA!!!

The two then disappear in a puff of smoke.

Matthew Luke: Mission complete. Bumalik na tayo.

Jeremy may have gotten his righteous vengeance on Wendy, but his struggle is not yet over. His crowning moment will come June 30… the finale of Pinoy Big Brother Season 2.

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