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Author’s note: Some of the info about Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 was gleamed from Wikipedia. I don’t follow PBB too much after the first, celebrity, and teen seasons, sorry.

March 19, 2007. Another season of Pinoy Big Brother has begun and is currently running for almost four weeks now. It’s actually the second season, not counting the celebrity and teen editions.

Unlike before, there is a new system in place, and it is called the “Secret Housemate Twist”. Aside from the first two batches of housemates, four additional housemates were made to enter an adjacent area where they would be kept hidden from the rest of the housemates except for two: Ezekiel Joshua “Zeke” Dimaguila, the first housemate to enter, and Dionne Dennia Monsanto, the last one. From the four, only two became official housemates after undergoing a public voting.

Unfortunately, Jeremy Legazpi Hidano, the prospective otaku housemate and one of the four secret housemates, got booted out of the house after not garnering enough votes to be billed an official housemate.

Well, at least that’s what’s reported on the surface. But there’s a deep, dark secret behind this development, and this is what Jeremy wants to find out for himself. Fueled neither by jealousy nor by a desire to hog attention, he takes on another persona to expose the truth. That persona is OmegaBreak, the Dawn Detective.

With his BraceThrottle that not just transforms him into a gleaming suited warrior, but can also call upon the powers of his favorite Japanese voice actors and actresses; he sets out on a reconnaissance mission to the Big Brother House.

But being a greenhorn in these types of missions, he is easily detected by a commandeering woman: the housemate named Wendy Valdez.

Wendy: Hoy! Anong ginagawa mo diyan?
Jeremy: Alam kong may nangyayaring anomalya dito sa Bahay ni Kuya, kaya nag-iimbestiga ako!
Wendy: Ah… Ikaw si Jeremy Hidano, di ba? Gusto mo ba talagang bumalik gayong pinalayas ka rito?
Jeremy: Oo. Gamit itong sandatang hiniram ko mula sa pinakamamahal kong ina!
Wendy: Pwes… makakalusot ka kaya rito?

Wendy summons a bunch of robotic mooks.

After a moment of silence and sneering from the mooks, Jeremy readies himself, showing the BraceThrottle in his wrist (actually a morpher toy which was refashioned as a weapon), and…

Jeremy: (slow mo) QCPD, Emergency!

Flicking the switch, the background changes to a shining white tunnel that accelerates by itself. The morpher then releases a hologram of the battle suit he will wear. He runs along the tunnel, does a 900-degree backflip and lands flawlessly, and then his body absorbs the hologram suit, materializing it.

Jeremy: Face on!

A helmet then materializes, completely covering his head. The transformation is complete.

Jeremy: Ako ang wawasak sa kadiliman ng kasamaan! Ako ang magbibigay-liwanag sa mga nangangailangan! Mirai no Chikara! OmegaBreak!
Wendy: Hmph. Pa-transform-transform ka pa, ha? Sige, mga kampon… SUGOD!


Ally: Jeremy
Enemies: Ironhead Krybot x8

Jeremy chooses to attack Ironhead Krybot G. He deals 245 damage to Ironhead Krybot G.
Ironhead Krybot A chooses to attack Jeremy. He deals 43 damage to Jeremy.
Ironhead Krybot B chooses to attack Jeremy. He deals 42 damage to Jeremy.
Ironhead Krybot C chooses to attack Jeremy. He deals 41 damage to Jeremy.
Ironhead Krybot D chooses to attack Jeremy. He deals 40 damage to Jeremy.
The rest of the Ironhead Krybots decide to rain laser pellets on Jeremy. However, Jeremy manages to catch all the pellets with his hand. The techinque used is the BraceThrottle’s innate super-speed ability. No damage is dealt.
Jeremy chooses to cast Seiyuu Shoukan: Tomokazu Sugita on all enemies.

Jeremy: (while revving the throttle part of the BraceThrottle) BraceThrottle! Seiyuu Shoukan: Tomokazu Sugita!

Holograms of Kyon, Kivat-Bat the III, and Kamen Rider Strike appear and begin their blitzkrieg on all enemies. They all deal 850 damage to each enemy. All enemies are KO’d.


Wendy: Grr! Pasaway ka! Kung gayon ay… ako mismo ang tatapos sa iyo! Ha!

Wendy’s face then transforms into a more horrendrous form. She sports two horns, lifeless eyes, and squidlike tentacles that cover her mouth.

Jeremy: Kapag natalo kita, abot-tanaw ko na ang katotohanan!
Wendy: Sige lang. Abot-tanaw mo na ang kabiguan!


Ally: Jeremy
Enemy: Wendemonya (HP: ????)

Jeremy chooses to cast Seiyuu Shoukan: Yui Horie on all enemies.

Jeremy: (while revving the throttle part of the BraceThrottle) BraceThrottle! Seiyuu Shoukan: Yui Horie!

Holograms of Minori Kushieda, Eri Sawachika, and Naru Narusegawa appear and singlehandedly beat up Wendemonya. But Wendemonya deftly dodges the attack!

Jeremy: Ano?! Hindi gumana ang summoning ko?!
Wendy: Sinabi ko sa iyo, eh. Kahit ano pa ang gawin mong ‘imbestigasyon’… ako pa rin ang magiging number one housemate ni Kuya! Kahit ano pang harang… ay wawasakin ko!

Wendemonya chooses to cast Witch’s Brimstone Domination, her Mystic Arte, on Jeremy.

Wendy: Ahahahaha. Hamak na bulate!

With her power of domination over every other housemate, Wendy unleashes all her magical fury. She deals 9999 damage to Jeremy. Jeremy is KO’d.


After she reverted to her normal form…

Wendy: Ahahahaha!!! Ito ang napapala ng mga nagangahas na lumaban sa akin! Oras na para sa tiro de gracia ko!

Wendy brings out the Samurai Edge, Albert Wesker’s favorite handgun, to attempt a mercy shot on the now-unconsicous Jeremy. However, a column of light engulfed Jeremy’s body. The column disappears along with Jeremy himself.

Wendy: Anong nangyari?! Di bale na. Hindi na makakahadlang ang hinayupak na ex-housemate na iyon. Ngayon… aking mahal na Bruce…

With her charm magic, she entices Bruce Quebral, a fellow housemate and model.

Wendy: (seductive voice) Ngayon, aking Bruce… tulungan mo akong maging ultimate housemate ni Kuya. Basta susunod ka at ang ibang mga housemates natin sa aking kagustuhan.
Bruce: (lifeless voice) Opo, Mistress Wendy.

What will happen to Jeremy after he’s been swallowed by a pillar of light? Stay tuned!

Stars Introduced So Far

Chibi, Least Star
(Wang Ying, the Dwarf Tiger)
Jeremy Hidano

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