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Many thanks go to lordcloudx from the Lemmasoft Forums for his ideas on this episode.

Back at Mendiola…


Allies: The ones who you enlisted into the Fending Off Party
Enemy: Malice Hope Centeno (HP: ????)

Matthew Luke chooses to do a cooperative attack with Hyacinth named “Osananajimi”. That attack deals 10 hits and 1352 damage to Malice Hope Centeno.
Batista chooses to cast Batista Bomb on Malice Hope Centeno. That attack deals 2487 damage to Malice Hope Centeno.
Kim chooses to cast Kikou-Ken on Malice Hope Centeno. She deals 992 damage to Malice Hope Centeno.
Gerald chooses to cast Bash on Malice Hope Centeno. He deals 1302 damage to Malice Hope Centeno.
Zenki chooses to attack Malice Hope Centeno. He deals 1570 damage to Malice Hope Centeno.
Malice Hope Centeno chooses to cast Envious Discharge on all allies. That attack deals 215 damage to each ally.



A certain loveteam is contacted by the representatives of ABC-5 and MPB Primedia, Inc., the Philippine subsidiary of Malaysian media conglomerate Media Prima Berhad, during their meeting-slash-signing-of-MOA at a high-profile, yet undisclosed, location.

Tony Boy: I’m sure that many of our viewers, tired with the bland, same-old programming, will be thrilled to view anime series that have been held in high regard by many Japanese otaku. May you elaborate further, please.
Malaysian representative of MPB: Much obliged. First is Shakugan no Shana, with the titular character fighting demonic invaders with her flaming spirit and a huge sword. Not to mention that she is a loli. Second is Yamato Nadeshiko Shichihenge, also known as The Wallflower. How can you not be amused by four pretty boys trying to beautify an ugly and very scary woman?
Christopher Sy, head of the Philippine branch: And this is just the tip of the iceberg. I personally hope that with our block-time agreement, we will surely churn out more quality anime series, as well as high-quality locally-produced shows. And… may I ask you something, Sir Cojuangco. Why did you bring this loveteam to our meeting?
Tony Boy: Ah… them. I’ve heard that you guys at MPB have been keeping two transformation belts that give immense powers to their wearers. You were just waiting for the right time for two worthy persons to receive them, right? I feel that I’ve made the right choice. Here they are.

Tony Boy presents the loveteam. The male is half-American and is the product of a reality show on ABS-CBN. The female is a singer-actress and a transferee.

Christopher Sy: Excellent! I and my Malaysian associates can really feel the fighting spirit within them. Now, worthy persons, I bequeath to you the transformation belts.

In a formal Malaysian traditional ceremony, the belts are handed over.

Man: I very much appreciate this act of goodwill between the Philippines and Malaysia.
Woman: After all, we are ASEAN neighbors, right?
Tony Boy: Now, please help the Nueva Liga Filipina in their fight for genuine, everlasting peace of the Philippines. It’s the least I can do as penance for the sins I’ve made in the past.
Woman: I’ve heard of this organization, right? Some of my buddies at ABS are now members of that distinguished organization.
Man: We will do the best that we can to fight for freedom. We will now take our leave. Thank you, everyone.
Tony Boy, Christopher Sy, the rest of the ABC-5 and MPB top brass: Godspeed.


Upon setting foot on the paradise that is ravaged by black gold that was spilled by a wayward tanker a year ago, Team Guimaras witnesses the horrors inflicted by the oil slick monsters that gained a life of their own. Many villagers of the island run for their lives and huddle under temporary shelters, their homes pillaged and covered in toxic substances found in crude oil that take years to remove. The once pristine sand and water was tainted by the same black substance, and the overall wildlife is suffering very much as a consequence.

The party asks the villagers where they can find their mayor, and after much questioning and searching, they finally found what they’ve been looking for.

The mayor’s house, with its splendor signifying the ruler’s stature, wasn’t even spared by the monsters’ attack. That is why the mayor’s face looks like Good Friday.

Guimaras Mayor: Naku naman, o! Bakit pa nagsibalikan ang pesteng oil slick na ito, kahit na nalinisan ito noong isang taon! Hmph. Siguradong ang mga kampon na espiritu ni Inang Kalikasan na naapektuhan ng pesteng langis na iyon ang responsable. Masyado kasi tayong dumedepende sa langis, eh… (faces the party) Ha? Sino kayo?

The members of the party introduce themselves.

Guimaras Mayor: Aaahhh… kayo pala ang Nueva Liga Filipina, ah? Marami akong naririnig na balita tungkol sa inyong mga ipinamalas. Baka kayo ang makapagliligtas sa nasirang paraiso namin. Ahem. Ganito kasi iyon…

The mayor narrates how the oil slick monsters reappeared. According to him, the villagers heard a very strange song, and from out of the blue, the monsters started to attack. Local police and military who rushed to the rescue were eventually overpowered by the monsters, and thus the entire island fell into chaos.

Guimaras Mayor: Siyempre, dahil nandito lamang kayo, kailangang n’yo siyempreng matalo ang mga oil slick monsters. Heto ang plano ko: Base sa imbestigasyon na nakalap namin, may walong oil slick monsters na sumasalakay sa islang ito. Kung matatalo ninyo ang walong iyon, susulpot ang pinuno nito. Kayo na ang bahala kung paano tatalunin ang pinunong iyon. Basta… kailangang maibalik sa dati nitong ganda ang pinakamamahal naming isla. Sige… humayo na kayo.

(Dungeon portion: Hunt the entire Guimaras Island for eight Oil Slick Fiends and defeat them. Basic info on the Oil Slick Fiend: HP = 2,700; immune to physical attacks; very weak to fire-elemental attacks. Recommended dungeon BGM: “Ghost Ship Painting” from Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles / Rondo of Blood.)

Once the eight Oil Slick Fiends have been defeated, the big daddy shows up on the shores of the island. It is eight times bigger than the normal monster and even sports a fearsome skull. Team Guimaras rushes towards it, and then…


Allies: The ones who you enlisted into Team Guimaras
Enemy: Oil Slick Overlord (HP: 11,050)

Ranpha chooses to attack Oil Slick Overlord. She deals 0 damage to Oil Slick Overlord.
Forte chooses to attack Oil Slick Overlord. She deals 0 damage to Oil Slick Overlord.
Naruto chooses to attack Oil Slick Overlord. He deals 0 damage to Oil Slick Overlord.
Keanna chooses to cast Allure on Oil Slick Overlord. But nothing happened!
Korina chooses to attack Oil Slick Overlord. She deals 0 damage to Oil Slick Overlord.
Erich chooses to cast Double Thrust on Oil Slick Overlord. She deals 0 damage to Oil Slick Overlord.
Oil Slick Overlord chooses to cast Black Gold Flood on all allies. That attack deals 319 damage to each ally. All allies are now covered in Oil (makes one weak to fire-elemental attacks).
For the next two turns, the party keeps on trying to damage the boss, but the latter always receives 0 damage. Explanation: the boss’ contact with water makes it stronger and immune to magic and physical attacks.
It seems that the party is about to be exterminated by the boss, until…
A helicopter hovers over the battlefield. Inside it are four pretty boys and a scary-looking woman.

Takenaga Oda: Hmmm… mukhang kailangan ninyo ng tulong namin.
Kyohei Takano: Kaya na naming i-shake ang pagmumukha ng oil slick monster na iyon. Kasingpangit pa naman niya si Sunako.
Sunako Nakahara: Anong pinagsasabi mo? Gusto n’yo bang ihagis ko kayong apat mula sa helicopter na ito?
Yukishijo Toyama: W-w-w-wag, Sunako!
Ranmaru Morii: Di ba sabi mo na gusto mo lang ihagis ang buhok mo na ginupit naming apat dahil nagmumukha kang pangit na bersyon ni Rapunzel?
Sunako Nakahara: Huwag na huwag n’yo na akong tatawagin pang pangit! Kundi… isasakripisyo ko kayong lahat sa PAMET!

Team Guimaras is amazed at this turn of developments. Back at Balay Kapatiran…

Ogie: (as Gosh Abelgosh) Hmmm… mukhang ang limang iyon ay nagmula sa isang anime na ipapalabas sa bagong-bihis na Channel 5.
Mr. Tulfo: Ahh! Ang TV5! Meron pala akong nasagap na impormasyon na ang TV5, na pinamumunuan pa rin ni Sir Tony Boy Cojuangco, na meron na ngayong Malaysian investor, ay magbibigay ng kontribusyon sa ating grupo.
Ogie: Magaling naman ang naisip niya. Sana’y hindi maiingit si Sir Gabby dahil doon…

Back at Guimaras…

The helicopter drops five metric tons of Sunako’s scary-looking hair on the boss. As a result, the Oil Slick Overlord is separated from Guimaras’ precious water resource and is therefore made vulnerable to all types of attacks.

With the Oil Slick Overlord greatly weakened, the party continues on bringing out its best attacks until the boss is no more.


After the battle, the townspeople and the mayor show up to congratulate the team and their unexpected benefactors.

Takenaga Oda: Oh! Kayo pala ang Nueva Liga Filipina! Inutusan lang kami ni Master Tony Boy at ni Auntie na tulungan kayong mga miyembro bilang suporta na rin sa ipinaglalaban ninyo.
Guimaras Mayor: Mula sa aming taga-Guimaras, maraming salamat po sa pagpigil sa isang pag-uulit ng pagsira ng mayamang kalikasan namin.
Team Guimaras: Walang anuman po, sir.
Ranmaru Morii: Di namin alam ang kabuuang plano ni boss tsip, pero siguradong-sigurado kami na i-sye-shake namin ang sinumang kalaban ng buong Pilipinas.
Sunako Nakahara: Sa pamamagitan ng maganda kong mukha, hahaha!
Kyohei Takano: Hoy, Sunako, tigilan na ang pag-iilusyon mo! Magpatingin ka na nga kay Doc Belo o kay Doc Calayan man lang!
Yukishijo Toyama: Oo nga… kundi malilintikan na naman kami ni Auntie!
Team Guimaras, Guimaras Mayor, the residents: Nye!

Meanwhile… at the Metropolitan Theater…

Kris: Hmph. Hero’s accomplices… Hope… You are all earth-ridden maggots! Talagang gusto n’yo kaming mga Aquino na maging basura pagkatapos ng matagal na pagseserbiyo namin sa buong Pilipinas. Mga walang utang na loob! Let’s see how you can keep up with THIS…

She then transforms the old, dilapidated theater into a menacing castle with the remaining negative energy from the anomalies.

Kris: The Aquino-Yap Empire will be built on this castle and will last forever and ever! Aha aha aha!

Next episode… Old faces, old sceneries, new anime, new situation.

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