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PROLOGUE: It seems that Matt and co., as well as Viki, got back to the base safely. But because of the air-headed teleportress’ mess-up, the GS(D) girls are apparently sent to a different location within Metro Manila. That makes the three Gundam pilots angry at Viki, but the conflict is quickly resolved because of Boy’s reconciliation powers.

After the rave and holler of the New Year died down, the maniacal question-peppering DJ Mo finalizes his plans to manipulate Hero.

On January 9, 2007, at his main base…

DJ Mo: Haloukhat yisrof asofiheguvl! Turn this enemy of mine into a puppet of great use!

At Balay Kapatiran…

Sandara: Hero, nakalimutan ko palang ibigay ang Christmas gift ko sa iyo.

But Hero simply ignores her.

Sandara: Haller! Bakit di mo ako pinapansin? Dahil ba nahuhumaling ka ngayon kay Melissa [Ricks]?
Hero: …
Sandara: O simpleng dinededma mo na ako ngayon?
Hero: …

Hero then simply walks slowly, going outside the base. Sandara tries to approach him, but an invisible barrier, which now surrounds him, repels her.

Sandara: Ugh! Erich! Joseph! Tulungan mo ako! Mukhang sinasapian na si Hero!

Erich and Joseph come to her aid, but they, too, are repelled by Hero’s barrier. Not even their standard attacks put a dent on it.

Sandara: Ugh… Ano ba… ang nangyayari sa kanya…? This isn’t the Hero that I knew and loved… I’d better tell Matt and Hyacinth tungkol doon.

As Hero makes his way out of Balay Kapatiran and towards DJ Mo’s lair (which is a great distance, but he can do it anyway with his new unnatural energy), Sandy approaches the childhood friends about that shocking development.

Matthew Luke: ANO?! Meron na namang nagmamanipula sa kanya?!
Hyacinth: At mukhang hindi si Henry ngayon ang gumawa nun.
Matthew Luke: Kung hindi siya, SINO?!
Ogie’s “Jupopayans”: (popping out of nowhere) SI—–NO~~~~~?!
Matthew Luke: Shut up! Seryosong usapan ‘to, eh!
Ogie: Sorry. Na-carry away lang sila sa sinabi mo.

(Note: Because of that event, Hero will be temporarily unavailable for enlistment into the battle party.)

The next day. January 10.

As being reported by a certain Nerisa Almo, who is on the studios of Magic 89.9 at the time…

“Star Circle Quest’s first Grand Questor Hero Angeles is the guest of DJ Mo Twister in ‘Good Times’, where he answers 35 out of 40 in the ‘Forbidden Questions’ portion before tapping out.

“Hero, who is the member of a mercenary army, mentions Cristy Fermin’s name as answers to several questions. He actually reaches the 35th question but taps out when he is asked to kiss Mojo Jojo, DJ Mo’s co-host, on the lips.

“In one question, DJ Mo makes Hero fill in the blanks. And his answer is: ‘Cristy Fermin needs to stop what she’s doing ever since and needs to start doing something…. I don’t know if I should tell her to do something good… ’cause I know she won’t.’

“In June 2005, Hero Angeles, with his brother and manager Henry Angeles, filed 27 counts of libel against TV host-columnist Cristy Fermin. The cases filed were caused by the alleged malicious articles Cristy wrote in her tabloid columns.

“In those columns, Cristy wrote about Hero’s ‘attitude problem’ and ‘questionable gender.’

“In ‘Forbidden Questions’, Hero is asked if he is gay. Hero answers no. He adds, ‘Cristy made straight guys gay and gay guys straight.’

“Other questions where he brings up Cristy Fermin’s name are the following:

“Worst thing ever done to a fan? Hero mistook a fan for Cristy Fermin. Apparently, Hero talked to the Cristy Fermin look-alike and discussed the bad things the talk-show host had been saying about him.

“Who is the worst actor and actress? ‘Jobert [Sucaldito] and Cristy.’ Both played themselves in the already-finished ABS-CBN teleserye ‘Bituing Walang Ningning’.

“When DJ Mo does not accept his answer because, Mo reasons, Cristy was playing herself there, Hero gives Sandara Park’s name.

“Who is the worst dresser? ‘Cristy. She always covers her arms. I don’t know for what reason.’

“What do you think is Cristy Fermin’s email address? ‘loveyounak@yahoo.com. Because she always says that.’

“While answering ‘Forbidden Questions,” Hero also frequently mentions his fellow at the mercenary army and his loveteam partner, Sandara Park.

“His advice to Sandara? ‘Stop doing… playing innocent. And start being herself.’ Hero does not explain what he means, although it is generally known in the industry that he and Sandara, who were built up as a loveteam by ABS-CBN, were once forcefully separated before the so-called ‘network wars’.

“Who needs to admit that plastic surgery was done on him/her? ‘The eyelids [of Sandara]. Kasi ano, e, uso yun sa Korea. Pag-alis niya tapos pagbalik niya, parang naiba.’

“Big reality stars who are not fit for showbiz? ‘I think Sandara Park, kasi she decided to go back to Korea before tapos bumalik siya.’

“Rate Sandara as a kisser from 1-10. ‘One. It’s just a kiss from the movies. She runs around the church and hides in the van. She wants that bastard Joseph [Bitangcol], and she cries.’

“Before his guest stint is over, Hero issues a dare to Cristy Fermin: ‘Hinahamon ko siya na… Kasi iba yung tapang sa radyo. Ang wish ko sa kanya this year, yung radio program niya maging TV show para same yung tapang niya. Iba yung courage niya sa TV, sa radio.’

“Cristy is known to hit her enemies over the radio with little concession to civility and good taste, but is very tame when she appears on The Buzz.

“DJ Mo seconds the motion, ‘That’s what I’m saying, if you’re gonna be tough, be tough. Do it consistently everywhere kasi the problem is you’re losing credibility.'”

And after the show ends and the reporter leaves…

DJ Mo: Excellent. Most excellent. You have far surpassed my expectations. Now, I’ll seal you in my personal containment chamber so that those f***ing former friends of yours won’t find you… ever.
Hero: Understood.

The DJ then seals him in a card using a dark spell, and then hides the card in a chamber located at his main base.

DJ Mo: Now… for my next step… I’ll show the ASEAN leaders how I can change the Philippine showbiz industry via revolutionary means… heheheheh…

Now that his plan B is complete, how will he perform plan C at the 12th ASEAN Summit to be held in Cebu some days later? Find out in the next episode.

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