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PROLOGUE: It seems that Matt and co., as well as Viki, got back to the base safely. But because of the air-headed teleportress’ mess-up, the GS(D) girls are apparently sent to a different location within Metro Manila. That makes the three Gundam pilots angry at Viki, but the conflict is quickly resolved because of Boy’s reconciliation powers.

After the rave and holler of the New Year died down, the maniacal question-peppering DJ Mo finalizes his plans to manipulate Hero.

On January 9, 2007, at his main base…

DJ Mo: Haloukhat yisrof asofiheguvl! Turn this enemy of mine into a puppet of great use!

At Balay Kapatiran…

Sandara: Hero, nakalimutan ko palang ibigay ang Christmas gift ko sa iyo.

But Hero simply ignores her.

Sandara: Haller! Bakit di mo ako pinapansin? Dahil ba nahuhumaling ka ngayon kay Melissa [Ricks]?
Hero: …
Sandara: O simpleng dinededma mo na ako ngayon?
Hero: …

Hero then simply walks slowly, going outside the base. Sandara tries to approach him, but an invisible barrier, which now surrounds him, repels her.

Sandara: Ugh! Erich! Joseph! Tulungan mo ako! Mukhang sinasapian na si Hero!

Erich and Joseph come to her aid, but they, too, are repelled by Hero’s barrier. Not even their standard attacks put a dent on it.

Sandara: Ugh… Ano ba… ang nangyayari sa kanya…? This isn’t the Hero that I knew and loved… I’d better tell Matt and Hyacinth tungkol doon.

As Hero makes his way out of Balay Kapatiran and towards DJ Mo’s lair (which is a great distance, but he can do it anyway with his new unnatural energy), Sandy approaches the childhood friends about that shocking development.

Matthew Luke: ANO?! Meron na namang nagmamanipula sa kanya?!
Hyacinth: At mukhang hindi si Henry ngayon ang gumawa nun.
Matthew Luke: Kung hindi siya, SINO?!
Ogie’s “Jupopayans”: (popping out of nowhere) SI—–NO~~~~~?!
Matthew Luke: Shut up! Seryosong usapan ‘to, eh!
Ogie: Sorry. Na-carry away lang sila sa sinabi mo.

(Note: Because of that event, Hero will be temporarily unavailable for enlistment into the battle party.)

The next day. January 10.

As being reported by a certain Nerisa Almo, who is on the studios of Magic 89.9 at the time…

“Star Circle Quest’s first Grand Questor Hero Angeles is the guest of DJ Mo Twister in ‘Good Times’, where he answers 35 out of 40 in the ‘Forbidden Questions’ portion before tapping out.

“Hero, who is the member of a mercenary army, mentions Cristy Fermin’s name as answers to several questions. He actually reaches the 35th question but taps out when he is asked to kiss Mojo Jojo, DJ Mo’s co-host, on the lips.

“In one question, DJ Mo makes Hero fill in the blanks. And his answer is: ‘Cristy Fermin needs to stop what she’s doing ever since and needs to start doing something…. I don’t know if I should tell her to do something good… ’cause I know she won’t.’

“In June 2005, Hero Angeles, with his brother and manager Henry Angeles, filed 27 counts of libel against TV host-columnist Cristy Fermin. The cases filed were caused by the alleged malicious articles Cristy wrote in her tabloid columns.

“In those columns, Cristy wrote about Hero’s ‘attitude problem’ and ‘questionable gender.’

“In ‘Forbidden Questions’, Hero is asked if he is gay. Hero answers no. He adds, ‘Cristy made straight guys gay and gay guys straight.’

“Other questions where he brings up Cristy Fermin’s name are the following:

“Worst thing ever done to a fan? Hero mistook a fan for Cristy Fermin. Apparently, Hero talked to the Cristy Fermin look-alike and discussed the bad things the talk-show host had been saying about him.

“Who is the worst actor and actress? ‘Jobert [Sucaldito] and Cristy.’ Both played themselves in the already-finished ABS-CBN teleserye ‘Bituing Walang Ningning’.

“When DJ Mo does not accept his answer because, Mo reasons, Cristy was playing herself there, Hero gives Sandara Park’s name.

“Who is the worst dresser? ‘Cristy. She always covers her arms. I don’t know for what reason.’

“What do you think is Cristy Fermin’s email address? ‘loveyounak@yahoo.com. Because she always says that.’

“While answering ‘Forbidden Questions,” Hero also frequently mentions his fellow at the mercenary army and his loveteam partner, Sandara Park.

“His advice to Sandara? ‘Stop doing… playing innocent. And start being herself.’ Hero does not explain what he means, although it is generally known in the industry that he and Sandara, who were built up as a loveteam by ABS-CBN, were once forcefully separated before the so-called ‘network wars’.

“Who needs to admit that plastic surgery was done on him/her? ‘The eyelids [of Sandara]. Kasi ano, e, uso yun sa Korea. Pag-alis niya tapos pagbalik niya, parang naiba.’

“Big reality stars who are not fit for showbiz? ‘I think Sandara Park, kasi she decided to go back to Korea before tapos bumalik siya.’

“Rate Sandara as a kisser from 1-10. ‘One. It’s just a kiss from the movies. She runs around the church and hides in the van. She wants that bastard Joseph [Bitangcol], and she cries.’

“Before his guest stint is over, Hero issues a dare to Cristy Fermin: ‘Hinahamon ko siya na… Kasi iba yung tapang sa radyo. Ang wish ko sa kanya this year, yung radio program niya maging TV show para same yung tapang niya. Iba yung courage niya sa TV, sa radio.’

“Cristy is known to hit her enemies over the radio with little concession to civility and good taste, but is very tame when she appears on The Buzz.

“DJ Mo seconds the motion, ‘That’s what I’m saying, if you’re gonna be tough, be tough. Do it consistently everywhere kasi the problem is you’re losing credibility.'”

And after the show ends and the reporter leaves…

DJ Mo: Excellent. Most excellent. You have far surpassed my expectations. Now, I’ll seal you in my personal containment chamber so that those f***ing former friends of yours won’t find you… ever.
Hero: Understood.

The DJ then seals him in a card using a dark spell, and then hides the card in a chamber located at his main base.

DJ Mo: Now… for my next step… I’ll show the ASEAN leaders how I can change the Philippine showbiz industry via revolutionary means… heheheheh…

Now that his plan B is complete, how will he perform plan C at the 12th ASEAN Summit to be held in Cebu some days later? Find out in the next episode.

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Matthew Luke: OK! Pwede na tayong pumunta sa Mt. Makiling ngayon!
Hyacinth: Yes, Matt! Hinding-hindi ko mapapatawad ang ginawa ni DJ Mo sa ating lahat!
Mr. Tulfo: Wait a second, men. Huwag kayong magmadali. There is always a time for everything. The quest that you are about to embark is no exception, siyempre.
Matthew Luke: Hmm… bakit ba kailangang may timing?
Mr. Tulfo: May nakasaad na haiku tungkol sa Mt. Makiling na nagsasabing:

“Wakas ng taon
Diwata’y maghahandog
Bundok, isuong.”

Hyacinth: Mukhang… nakuha ko na ang haikung iyon. Dapat nating lakbayin ang Mt. Makiling sa wakas ng taong ito para ibigay ni Maria Makiling ang kapangyarihang kailangan natin, di ba?
Mr. Tulfo: Ganoon na nga. Kaya para magsilbing preparasyon, magpahinga muna kayo at i-enjoy n’yo muna ang Pasko. DJ Mo can’t be a fool to attack anyone at Christmastime, right?
Matthew Luke & Hyacinth: Right!

And so, the Nueva Liga Filipina officially declares its Christmas break. Merrymaking with a dash of training is the common routine for the members.

Meanwhile, DJ Mo and his cohorts slowly but surely build a base of their own within the ABC-5 HQ in Novaliches, QC. That HQ serves as a satellite base for the other base of his at the offices of Magic 89.9. Furthermore, they also have Tony Boy Cojuangco under their control, via brainwashing.

December 31, 2006. Morning.

The alarm clock’s noise resonates in Matt and Hyacinth’s shared room. The time wherein the clock made that alarm is 6:48 AM.

Hyacinth wakes up first, though a bit groggingly.

Hyacinth: Nghh… (stares at the window) Hm, lumitaw na ang araw…

She then approaches Matt, who’s still in dreamland.

Hyacinth: Matt, gising na! Ayaw pa nating masayang ang araw na ito. Please?
Matthew Luke: Ughh… mmmhhh… ah… (opens eyes a bit) Hyacinth?
Hyacinth: Good morning, Matt.
Matthew Luke: Morning din sa ‘yo. Mmmphh…
Hyacinth: Matt, tutulog-tulog ka pa, eh! Di mo ba alam na mag-aalas-siyete na?
Matthew Luke: (suddenly rises from his bed) Whoa-whoa-whoa! Sorry… ang sarap kasi ng tulog ko, eh.
Hyacinth: Oh, kailangan pa nating maligo, magbihis, mag-almusal, at maghanda para sa ating Mt. Makiling adventure!
Matthew Luke: Oh… tama ka. December 31 pala ngayon, no? OK, let’s rock!

The childhood friends then proceed with their morning rituals. Afterwards, they head towards the control center.

Mr. Tulfo, Ogie, Boy: Good morning, Matt and Hyacinth.
Matthew Luke & Hyacinth: Good morning din sa inyo.
Mr. Tulfo: Make sure na handang-handa kayo sa paglalabay sa Mt. Makiling.
Ogie: Nakapag-training ba kayo, pati na ang mga ibang gustong sumama sa inyo?
Boy: Nakapag-ipon ba kayo ng sapat na survival items, tulad ng mga potions atbp.?
Matthew Luke & Hyacinth: Siyempre naman!
Mr. Tulfo: Now, decide your overall party. The party will compose of at most six battle characters and four support characters in the entourage. All clear?
Matthew Luke & Hyacinth: Yes.

But before Matt and Hyacinth even start to form the party, Mr. Lopez, Sir Mike, Kira, Athrun, and Shinn abruptly enter the control center.

Mr. Tulfo: Ah, what is it, Sir Gabby and Sir Mike?
Mr. Lopez: Actually, this is a very important matter regarding our Gundams.
Sir Mike: Ipinanukala kasi nina Kira, Athrun, at Shinn na dapat sumama silang tatlo kina Matt at Hyacinth sa Mt. Makiling.
Ogie: At ang dahilan?
Kira: Kasi, gustong-gusto naming i-upgrade ang mga Gundam namin. Balak naming tatlo iyon simula nang sumapi kami sa Nueva Liga Filipina.
Athrun: At kamakailan lang namin napag-alaman mula sa isang message board o BBS na may isang napakabihirang metal na tinatawag naming “mythril” sa kapanahunang pinaggalingan namin. Iyon ay isang importanteng sangkap sa paga-upgrade namin.
Shinn: At ang siste, ang tanging pinagkukunanan ng mythril ay ang Mt. Makiling. Kaya tinatawag din itong “Makilinium alloy”.
Mr. Tulfo: Matanong ko lang: ang paghahanap ba ng mythril ay kritikal sa buong samahan natin?
Sir Mike: In the long term, yes. Hindi lang ang mga Gundam natin ang makikinabang sa mythril; kung ang iba pang mga mecha units natin.
Mr. Tulfo: Alright, Matt and Hyacinth, okey lang ba sa inyong dalawa na sumama ang mga Gundam pilots sa inyo?
Matthew Luke: Hmm… para na rin itong pagpatay sa dalawang ibon gamit ang isang bato.
Hyacinth: Pwede na ang 2-in-1, di ba? May regalo na mula kay Maria Makiling, may metal pa! Sige!
Boy: Magaling, magaling, magaling. Tara, kaibigan, bumuo na tayo.

(Please form your party. Members indicated with an asterisk are required.)

Battle Members
1. Matthew Luke *
2. Hyacinth *
3. Kira *
4. Athrun *
5. Shinn *
6. Erich

1. Michael V. (Support Ability: Yari Ka! — randomly bring out practical jokes that attack an enemy)
2. Hattori (Support Ability: Doctor’s Rest — some HP is restored to entire party after battle)
3. Lito (Support Ability: Agimat ng Salabat — increase party’s resistance to Silence)
4. Willie (Support Ability: Boom Tarat Tarat — randomly boost a random ally’s stats)

Mr. Tulfo: Is it final?
Matthew Luke: Of course.
Mr. Tulfo: Now, I’ll give you this pocket GPS-powered electronic map. Kung gusto mong malaman kung nasaan ka sa Mt. Makiling, gamitin ninyo ito. Ngayon, humayo kayo. Break a leg!
The formed party: Heading out!

You got: GPS Map!

After a two-hour trip from Manila to Laguna (via bus, not the Emblem Frames, for security reasons), the party sets foot on the base of the legendary mountain.

Matthew Luke: Tingnan muna natin ang mapa.

Hyacinth: Straightfoward ang ruta… pero hindi lahat ng mga diretsong daanan ay madali.
Shinn: Hindi natin alam kung anong mga halimaw ang haharang sa atin.
Kira: Kaya dapat maging masigasig tayong lahat!
Athrun: Alam natin ‘yan!

(Dungeon portion: The entire Mt. Makiling dungeon takes at least 30 minutes to complete. Add 30 more if you prefer to fight random encounters along the way head-on against simply running away. Recommended dungeon BGM: “Mt. Ordeals” from Final Fantasy IV.)

After a long and arduous journey, the party finally finds Maria Makiling. She floats in the semi-chilly air, her body surrounded by tiny bubbles that probably contain wind and water faeries.

M. Makiling: Mga manlalakbay, bakit kayo naparito? Higit sa isandaang taon na akong nagkukubli sa sarili sa mga kadahilanang pag-agaw ng mga sakim na prayle sa santuwaryo ko at ang pagtaksil sa akin ng isang lalaking minsan kong minahal.
Matthew Luke: Opo, nabasa ko mula sa isang libro ukol kay Rizal ang mga sinabi mo.
M. Makiling: Pati ang isa sa mga bayani ng bansang ito, nagtangkang humanap sa akin? Oh, minsan lang kasi sa mga hindi-mabilang na taon ang pagkakataong makita ako ng mga karaniwang tao.
Hyacinth: Bakit kaya?
M. Makiling: Bago ko sagutin ang mga tanong na ipupukol ninyo sa akin, pagmasdan ninyo sila.

The party deviates the view from Maria Makiling to find Lacus Clyne, Cagalli Yula Attha, Meer Campbell, and the Side A band on one corner of the half-nymph-half-sylph’s shrine.

Kira: Lacus!
Shinn: Meer!
Athrun: Cagalli!
Lacus, Cagalli, Meer: Huh? Kayo? (approaches Kira and co.) Matagal na namin kayong nami-miss!

While the six Gundam Seed (Destiny) characters get busy meeting each other after what seems to be months of separation, the childhood friends can’t help but be amused at that sight. They are then approached by the members of the Side A band. The band members, as they narrate to the childhood friends, are still puzzled because they need to get to the Philippine High School for the Arts but somehow ended up in a different area of Mt. Makiling, namely, this shrine.

Joey Generoso (lead vocalist/acoustic guitarist): Ewan lang namin kung bakit kami napadpad dito kasama ang mga… anime characters na iyon, pero noong papasok kami dito sa Mt. Makiling, bigla kaming na-teleport.
Matthew Luke: Hmm…
M. Makiling: Kayong lahat, nakatadhana sa inyo ang pagdating dito.

The childhood friends, the GS(D) characters, the band members, and the rest of the party then pay attention to what the half-nymph-half-sylph has to say.

M. Makiling: Isang beses ko lang ito sasabihin, kaya makinig kayo nang mabuti. Ang Pilipinas, ang Perlas ng Silangan, ay masasadlak uli sa kaguluhan at karahasan, dahil sa nakaumang pagbabalik ng tinatawag na Trapo Rune.
Matthew Luke: Pamilyar sa amin ang Trapo Rune na iyan. Teka, baka kilala ninyo si Leknaat.
M. Makiling: Tumpak. Ako nga ang kanang-kamay ni Leknaat. Inihabilin niya sa akin ang pagmana sa dalawang pinagpipitagang mandirigma ng isang piraso ng aking kapangyarihan upang tulungan ang binubuo nilang 106 Bituin ng Tadhana na magapi ang salot na iyon. Kayong dalawa, Matthew Luke Laonglaan at Hyacinth Monterola, ang mga mandirigmang iyon.
Hyacinth: (nods) Ngayon, hindi na kami magpapatumpik-tumpik pa. Pahingi po ng isang piraso ng kapangyarihan ninyo.
M. Makiling: Hindi na ako magsasayang ng oras. (raises hand) Bandi Bandu Ted Hannah! Ilagay sa dalawang pinagpipitagang mandirigma ang kapangyarihan ng Pitong Pinagpalang Nilalang!

The childhood friends are then surprised a bit when they find that their wristbands glow so bright like a headlight. After seven seconds, the lights disappear, and now seven gems adorn each of the two wristbands.

M. Makiling: Ang mga Pitong Pinagpalang Nilalang ay ang mga nilalang na nagmumula sa mga iba’t ibang lupalop, sa mga iba’t ibang mundo, sa mga iba’t ibang dimensyon, na pinili namin ni Leknaat upang pagsilbihan bilang mga pangalawang anyo ng isang pinagpipitagang mandirigma. Dahil kayong dalawa ang pinili, labing-apat ang mga pinili namin. Pito sa kanila ay lalaki, na imamana ng lalaking mandirigmang ito. Pito sa kanila ay babae, na imamana ng babaeng mandirigmang ito. Sa ngayon, ang mga Unang Pinagpalang Nilalang ay maaari nang gamitin, na inilalarawan ng isa sa pitong hiyas na nagniningning na nakalagay sa mga pulseras ninyo. Upang bigyan ng ningning ang iba pang hiyas, hanapin ninyo ang mga dambana na nakakalat sa buong bansang ito na tinitirhan ng iba pang mga Pinagpalang Nilalang.

The childhood friends fully comprehend what Maria Makiling is saying. The rune that represents the Unang Pinagpalang Nilalang (First Blessed Being) then glows briefly in each of the wristbands.

(Now that Matthew Luke and Hyacinth both receive Maria Makiling’s power, let’s discuss how their transformations work.)

(The two childhood friends now have a gauge each. This gauge is called the Margin Gauge, and its system is loosely based on Final Fantasy VII’s and Final Fantasy IX’s Limit and Trance systems, respectively. The gauge is gradually filled as you attack or get attacked [by enemies only]. If it’s full, it’s party time! Note that the transformation effects last the entire battle, and once you’re transformed, you can use the Blessed Being’s Exceed Charge to up the ante for the cost of 75% of the user’s current MP. But be warned: if the battle ends or Matt/Hyacinth are KO’d, the gauge is back to 0 [in the latter case, Matt/Hyacinth’s transformation will be reverted, too].)

Matthew Luke’s First Blessed Being: Yuuichi Aizawa
Transformation effect: Can’t use magic or special abilities; ATK tripled; Ayu’s stats boosted
Exceed Charge: Akiko’s Jam of Doom
Bring out a bottle of Akiko’s jam to inflict non-elemental damage to all enemies.

Hyacinth’s First Blessed Being: Fran
Transformation effect: ACC tripled; projectile-type attacks powered up
Exceed Charge: Feral Strike
Perform a lightning-fast punch combo (physical) to an enemy, and the last one causes an explosion (non-elemental) to that enemy.

M. Makiling: Ngayon naman, sa mga nagkokontrol sa mga higanteng yari sa bakal, gagawaran din kayo ng hinahanap ninyo, sa pamamagitan ng isang kanta. Mga mandirigma ng musika, kayo na ang bahala.

Kira, Athrun, Shinn, and their respective partners then do a little “prom-like” dance because of Side A performing one of its trademark songs, “Forevermore”.

At the end of the song, the needed item, Makilinium alloy, suddenly materializes right near the feet of the three couples.

Kira: Wow! Sa wakas, nakuha din natin!
Athrun: Salamat at natapos na rin ang kalbaryo natin.
Shinn: Pati na ng mga Gundam, siyempre.
Lacus: Natutuwa kami at nakita rin namin kayo sa wakas.
Meer: Hmm, pero nasaan ba tayo, ha? At sino naman ang mga bagong kasama ninyo?
Kira: Nasa bansang Pilipinas tayo, taong 2006 AD.
Shinn: At sila ang mga bagong kaibigan namin sa grupong Nueva Liga Filipina.

The three pilots then introduce their comrades to their partners.

Cagalli: Magaling. At dahil ayaw nating mapahiwalay nang makailang ulit, sasama kami sa inyong tatlo.
Athrun: Pwedeng-pwede.

You got: Makilinium Alloy!

M. Makiling: Kayong lahat, ngayong naibigay ko na ang mga kinakailangan ninyo, kailangan ko munang magpahinga. Lagi ninyong tatandaan: Humayo kayo at maghasik ng mga binhi ng pagkakaisa sa pangit at magandang bansang ito, mga Bituin ng Tadhana!

She then disappears in the midst of a calm spiral of wind and water.

Matthew Luke: Missions complete. Tara, uwi na tayo.
Hyacinth: At siyempre, kasama sina Lacus, Cagalli, at Meer sa atin. Pagbalik natin, ipapakilala natin sila sa buong pwersa natin.

The entire party, after saying goodbye to Side A (because the band now knows how to go to its intended destination, thanks to Maria Makiling), plus the three girls, then starts to walk out of the shrine when a flash of light occurs on the path. Seconds later, a girl surfaces.

Girl: Achoo! Achoo! Achoo! (notices the party) Huh? Nasaan ba ako?
Matthew Luke: Hmm… parang pamilyar siya sa akin, ah.
Kira: Matt, kilala mo ba siya?
Hyacinth: (Ngayon, hindi na ako magseselos, dahil kilala ko rin siya.)
Matthew Luke: Oo. Siya si Viki, mula sa Suikoden series.
Viki: Oh! (approaches the party) Wow! Kilala ninyo ako kahit hindi ko kayo kilala! Mahusay!
Matthew Luke: Tutal, dahil gusto mong alamin ang mga pangalan namin, ako si Matthew Luke, at ang babaeng palaging kasama ko ay si Hyacinth.
Viki: Sige! Gamit ang teleportation powers ko, pwede ko kayong ibalik sa anumang lugar na pinuntahan ninyo!
Hyacinth: Dahil gusto naming umuwi sa lalong madaling panahon, i-teleport n’yo kami sa aming base, ang Balay Kapatiran.
Viki: Olrayt!

But before she can chant the teleportation spell, she gets into another pesky sneeze.

Viki: Achoo! Huh?!

And the entire party, the GS(D) girls, and even Viki herself, get sucked into the portal. Who knows where they are headed to?


At DJ Mo’s now-finished base within the confines of ABC-5…

DJ Mo: What the f***? (while witnessing what happened at Mt. Makiling) What the f*** is this s***?! Those mercenary army faggots survived my attack at the anti-Cha-Cha rally, got over their demoralization, and even worse, they got brand new powers?! Curses! Now’s the time for plan B!

DJ Mo then summons Tony Boy Cojuangco.

T. B. Cojuangco: What is it, my master?
DJ Mo: Help me prepare my next “Forbidden Questions” with none other than… Mr. Hero Angeles, one of the members of that damn mercenary army.
T. B. Cojuangco: Why is it, my master?
DJ Mo: If demoralization didn’t cut it, then internal conflicts that lead to the breakup of that army will.
T. B. Cojuangco: As you wish, my master.

The ABC-5 head honcho then leaves.

DJ Mo: Remember, you pesky c***-blockers. The year 2006 may be over a few hours from now, but my own eternal struggle for Philippine entertainment reform will not! Hahahahaha!!!

Stars Introduced So Far

Chibin – Quick Star
(Gong Wang, the Spotted-Neck Tiger)
Viki (Suikoden 1-5)

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December 17, 2006. Quirino Grandstand. Sometime around noon.

The thanksgiving prayer rally against Charter Change is peaceful overall, even though shaded with political bickerings. And the Catholic bishops’ buzzword for the entire rally: “We don’t need Charter Change; we need Character Change.”

As the afternoon progresses, everyone in the rally thinks that tension will only be limited to almost-political speeches made by some guests, notably some senators.

But as the clock ticks to three…


They are startled by the unexpected explosion that sparked near the grandstand’s parking lot.

Meanwhile, back at the base, Mr. Tulfo monitors the unexpected event at the control center. He immediately summons Matt, Hyacinth, Ogie, and some of his crew in “Bitag” who voluntarily joined him.

Matthew Luke: Sir Tulfo, bakit kayo tumawag sa amin?
Hyacinth: Sayang, nakuha na namin sana ang ultimate Esper sa Final Fantasy 12.
Ben Tulfo: Well, you two can continue playing later. First, there’s something urgent. (pointing at the monitor) Doon sa Quirino Grandstand na kung saan nagaganap ang anti-Cha-Cha rally, may biglang sumabog. At…

The people in the control center are then startled by what they currently see in the monitor.

Ogie: (as Gosh Abelgosh… again) Mga… halimaw? Bakit may mga halimaw na umaatake? Gawain ba ito ng mga extreme right-wingers?
Matthew Luke: At ang mas masaklap… parang mga Orphnoch sila!
Hyacinth: I can’t believe it! Marahil ay nagkatotoo ang mga napanood natin sa Masked Rider Faiz!
Ben Tulfo: Well, whoever these monsters are, they must be stopped at all costs. At dahil dadalawa o tatalo lang sila, just use a simple amount of force upang labanan sila. Ayaw kasi nating i-deploy ang mga mecha natin para hindi madamay ang mga sibilyan doon sa rally.
Matthew Luke & Hyacinth: Naiintindihan namin.
Ogie: (as Gosh Abelgosh) Kaya mga at most 20 personnel ang ipapakalat upang labanan ang mga halimaw na kung tawagin ay… uh…
Matthew Luke: Orphnoch. Or-ph-noch. All clear?
Ogie: (as Gosh Abelgosh) Maliwanag. Orphnoch.

(Please select at most twenty battle members from the current roster. Matthew Luke and Hyacinth are required. Ben Tulfo and Ogie Diaz will also be in the team as part of the entourage.)

The selected members are the following:
1. Matthew Luke
2. Hyacinth
3. Yeng
4. Shiho
5. Nash
6. Batista
7. Mizuki
8. Asa
9. Ayu
10. Misuzu
11. Arcueid
12. Saber
13. Hero
14. Sandara
15. Joseph
16. Angel

Matthew Luke: Heading out!

The formed team, using the Emblem Frames that are borrowed from the Angel Brigade (which, by the way, is cleaning up the big mess Milfeulle made after another cooking disaster), arrives at the Quirino Grandstand in under three minutes. Behind the team are the two strategists and Mr. Tulfo’s staff, armed with cameras to document every second of the upcoming operation.

Once the team sets foot, the members are startled at the now-huge mess. There are debris from the explosion, discarded things, and screams of people who have felt the brunt of the monsters.

And in the midst of that grim scenario, three people slowly walk towards the team.

Matthew Luke: Gretchen Barretto?!
Hyacinth: Loren Legarda?!
Mr. Tulfo & Ogie: Borgy Manotoc?!
La Greta, Loren, Borgy: Tumpak. Kami nga iyon at wala nang iba.
Hyacinth: Bakit n’yo inaatake ang isang medyo-mapayapang rally?
Matthew Luke: At bakit kayo naging mga Orphnoch?

But the now-transformed faces of the three answer the questions.

La Greta, Loren, Borgy: Hinding-hindi ninyo malalaman ang kasagutan… dahil mamamatay kayong mga balakid!

La Greta transforms into the Prima Donna Orphnoch.

Loren transforms into the Lamia Orphnoch.

And Borgy transforms into the Puncher Orphnoch.

Mizuki, Hero, Angel: Transformation ba ang gusto n’yo? Kami rin, gusto namin!
Mizuki, Asa, Ayu, Misuzu, Arcueid, Saber: Ren’ai Rangers, power up! Ha!
Hero: Transform into Mysterio!
Sandara: Transform into Sohee!
Joseph: Transform into Black Gladiator!
Angel: Haaaahhhh… (casts Fusion on herself to transform into Darna)

The aforementioned allies are then transformed into their respective forms.

Matthew Luke & Hyacinth: …Kahit wala kaming mga Rider belts, mananalo pa rin tayo! Sige, mga kasama! SUGOD!
The rest: CHARGE!
Mr. Tulfo and Ogie: Do your best, team! Idodokumento namin ito sa abot ng aming makakaya.

The NLF team and the Orphnoch team then begin battling each other, with the song “Cutting Edge of Notion” from Star Ocean 3: Till the End of Time serving as BGM.

For around five minutes, the opposing sides fought will all their might. But the joy is about to be spoiled by something inevitable.

And that inevitable is a tornado that results in an explosion. The NLF team is surprised.

Matthew Luke: What happen?
Hyacinth: Somebody set us up the bomb.
Mr. Tulfo: We get signal.
Ogie: What?
Mr. Tulfo: Main screen turn on. (signals his staffers to activate thermal sensors)

In the middle of the Orphnochs, a guy in a cap surfaces. The Orphnochs then bow to him.

Matthew Luke & co.: It’s you!
DJ Mo: How are you gentlemen! All your base are belong to us. You are on the way to destruction.
Matthew Luke: What you say!
DJ Mo: You have no chance to survive make your time. Ha ha ha ha! (charges towards the NLF team)


Allies: Anyone from the team you formed earlier
Enemy: DJ Mo Twister (HP: ????)

Starting line-up: Matthew Luke, Hyacinth, Yeng, Shiho, Nash, Batista

Matthew Luke chooses to do a cooperative attack with Hyacinth named “Osananajimi”. That attack deals 10 hits and 318 damage to DJ Mo Twister.
Yeng chooses to cast Dos Hiranos on all allies. All allies’ ATK and INT increased.
Shiho chooses to cast Dobleng Kalasag on Yeng. Yeng’s DEF and MDEF increased.
Nash chooses to cast Spy’s Darts on DJ Mo Twister. That attack deals 207 damage to DJ Mo Twister.
Batista chooses to attack DJ Mo Twister. He deals 400 damage to DJ Mo Twister.
DJ Mo Twister chooses to defend.
Matthew Luke chooses to do a cooperative attack with Hyacinth named “Osananajimi”. But DJ Mo Twister dodges the attack!
Yeng chooses to attack DJ Mo Twister. But DJ Mo Twister dodges the attack!
Shiho chooses to attack DJ Mo Twister. But DJ Mo Twister dodges the attack!
Nash chooses to attack DJ Mo Twister. But DJ Mo Twister dodges the attack!
Batista chooses to attack DJ Mo Twister. But DJ Mo Twister dodges the attack!
DJ Mo Twister chooses to defend.
Matthew Luke chooses to attack DJ Mo Twister. He deals 267 damage to DJ Mo Twister.
Hyacinth chooses to attack DJ Mo Twister. She deals 207 damage to DJ Mo Twister.
Yeng chooses to attack DJ Mo Twister. But DJ Mo Twister dodges the attack!
Shiho chooses to cast Apoy1 on DJ Mo Twister. But DJ Mo Twister dodges the attack!
Nash chooses to cast Spy’s Darts on DJ Mo Twister. But DJ Mo Twister dodges the attack!
Batista chooses to attack DJ Mo Twister. But DJ Mo Twister dodges the attack!

DJ Mo Twister: You… the mercenary army…
Matthew Luke: How did you know us?
DJ Mo Twister: Though the entire nation is entirely grateful to you because you all quieted down the network conflict…
Hyacinth: And then?
DJ Mo Twister: You are still a roadblock to my ultimate plan of showbiz reform! I have a better plan of reform than you can muster. To prove my superiority, TAKE THIS!

DJ Mo Twister chooses to cast Twister Cacophony on all allies. He deals 9999 damage to each ally. All allies are KO’d.


The entire NLF team is now an incapacitated heap, with some of the allies’ transformations now being deactivated.

Matthew Luke: I… can’t believe… that we… the Nueva Liga Filipina… tasted defeat… at your hands…
Hyacinth: But still… ugh…
DJ Mo: You vermin. You will experience great demoralization from now on. You will no longer have the will to fight. Your so-called mercenary army will be doomed to obscurity.
Matthew Luke: N… no…
DJ Mo: Orphnochs, ready for the coup de grace?
Prima Donna Orphnoch, Lamia Orphnoch, Puncher Orphnoch: Rarr!
Shadows of La Greta, Loren, Borgy: Anytime, my master.
DJ Mo: (casting a very powerful magic) Now, only I can save the entire Philippine showbusiness realm from the brink of extinction!

It seems that the NLF team’s about to be given the final blow by DJ Mo and the Orphnochs. However…

Mr. Tulfo & Ogie: Teleporting retreat device, activate!

While the “coup de grace” is being performed, the NLF team is abruptly teleported out of the Quirino Grandstand, unbeknownst to DJ Mo and co.

As the dust settles…

DJ Mo: It seems that they’re finished. Let’s go, guys.
La Greta, Loren, Borgy: (reverted to human form) Yes, master.

DJ Mo and co. then warp back to their HQ.

Still at the grandstand, CBCP President Archbishop Angel Lagdameo decries the chaos that ensued a few minutes ago, the chaos that will further complicate Philippine affairs. Notwithstanding low crowd attendance (approx. 20,000 poeple took part compared to the expected half-a-million), he shouts loudly, facing the gray sky:

“O Diyos ko, papaano na ang bansang ito? Talaga bang walang mga anghel ngayong Disyembre?”

The next day. Morning. Balay Kapatiran.

The childhood friends wake up in their shared room, still feeling some pain from the attack made yesterday. Just then, the door opens, and Mr. Tulfo comes in.

Mr. Tulfo: Well, how are you feeling?
Matthew Luke: Not so good…
Mr. Tulfo: Alam na alam natin ang lahat ng nangyari kahapon, di ba?
Hyacinth: Opo, sir… nabigo… tayo…
Mr. Tulfo: Personally, as a strategist, I admit that yesterday’s operation is a failure. We just didn’t know that DJ Mo is behind the attacks at the anti-Cha-Cha rally.
Matthew Luke: Opo… ngayon… papaano na? Demoralized na tayong lahat.
Mr. Tulfo: You are right, Matt. Even the non-participants in yesterday’s mission felt the demoralization. Para tayong mga tinumbang domino, so to speak.
Hyacinth: Kaya… papaano natin mapipigilan si DJ Mo? Isang atake lang… tumba na… tapos sinamahan pa siya ng mga Orphnoch… we’re really hopeless…
Mr. Tulfo: Don’t lose all hope, Matt, Hyacinth. We can borrow power that we can use for good from none other than… Maria Makiling.
Matthew Luke & Hyacinth: TALAGA?!

Why did Mr. Bitag mention the name of Maria Makiling all of a sudden? Is there something that he wants to impart to the childhood friends? Stay tuned!

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