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“Do you know who I am? I am supreme darkness. I am one of the fallen. There are those who seek to destroy me. That is an impossibility, for evil cannot be destroyed. If someone told you I was just your average villain, not a care in the world, somebody lied. Who am I? Are you sure you want to know? I seek to reform the showbiz world by cleansing it of undesirable people. Someday, that dream of mine will be fulfilled, and no one will be spared. NO ONE! I will wreak vengeance on those who have made some celebrities’ lives miserable. I will spread their blood with my fists. This is my gift. It is my curse.

“Who am I? I am DJ MO TWISTER!”

DJ Mo’s confidante, Borgy Manotoc, nonchalantly asks his superior, “Why does it seem like that entire evil monologue was ripped off from the hit movie, Spider-Man?”

The DJ answers back, “Shut up! That’s why! To fulfill my dream, OUR dream, we are currently employing my questions that cleanse those undesirables and then culminating with the simultaneous refragmentation of the two giant networks using ABC-5 as my personal muscle.”

“It’s OK that you used your powerful questions to put Vina Morales to shame, but why are you using Tony Boy Cojuangco’s network?”

“See those two women? They have strong links to ABC-5.”

DJ Mo then introduces the two women who have been injected with Orphnoch DNA in the last episode. They are Gretchen Barretto and Loren Legarda.

La Greta: Hinding-hindi ko mapapatawad ang mga ginawa sa akin ng lintik na Korina na iyon! And death to all married couples!

Loren: At hinding-hindi ko mapapatawad ang mga ginawa sa akin ng lintik na Noli na iyon, kaya ako lumayas sa Dos!

DJ Mo: Alright, ladies, now that today, December 17, is anti-Cha-Cha rally day, let’s show the nation that we are serious in realizing this one and only dream! Now, go to the Quirino Grandstand and wreak havoc there! The same goes for you, Borgy!

La Greta, Loren, Borgy: Yes, Master. (warps)

DJ Mo: And as for that mercenary army… I’ll be closely watching you…

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CAN BE DONE: After Yeng is recruited
CONDITION: Yeng must be in party

Yeng is just having her break (along with the two childhood friends, of course; they AREN’T stalking her!) at the SM Mall of Asia when she stumbles upon a familiar face.

Familiar face: Yeng-tan?
Yeng: Is that you, Jun?

He’s none other than her fellow Pinoy Dream Academy scholar, Jun Hirano. With him is a brand-new friend of his, Feena Fam Earthlight.

Jun: (slow but sure) I still not good at English or Tagalog, that is why I get her to be my… uh… (in Japanese) what is the word for “someone who translates orally from one language to another”, Feena-san?
Feena: Interpreter.
Jun: Arigato gozaimasu.
Feena: While he has a lot to learn in English and Filipino, he allows me for now to be his interpreter, OK? So… you know Jun-san, too?
Yeng: Yes. I’m Josephine “Yeng” Constantino, a former classmate of his in Pinoy Dream Academy.
Feena: Nice to meet you, Yeng. Oh, by the way, Jun-san desperately wants something. Here, I’ll let him speak of his plight.
Jun: (in Japanese) Please help me look for Aya Hirano, the voice of Haruhi Suzumiya. I’ve learned from a Japanese blog that she is secretly visiting the Philippines in order to convince the local cable anime channel Hero TV to air the show where she stars in.

Feena then interprets Jun’s plight in English.

Yeng: Well, Jun, I never would’ve imagined that a Japanese voice actress will visit the Philippines for such a purpose. But because I’m your friend, I’ll agree to your proposition.

Feena then interprets Yeng’s response in Japanese.

Jun and Feena: (bowing) Thank you.
Yeng: Alright. Let’s search for her… even if this’ll take days.

Yeng, Jun, and Feena (with the two childhood friends following them; their reaction? “Wow! Di namin sukat akalaing magkikita ang tinatawag na… Dos Hiranos!”) then search every nook and cranny of MoA, with five-minute rest periods in between due to the mall’s bigger-than-X-Box size.

Two hours have passed, and nary a shadow of Haruhi’s seiyuu is seen by the group. Just as they are about to call it quits…

Aya Hirano: (in Japanese) Oh! Why are you all so sluggish?
Jun and Feena: (in Japanese) Can’t you tell? We searched this mall for you and only you, Aya Hirano-sama!

The group finally finds the target person near the Ice Skating Rink.

Aya Hirano: (in Japanese) Are you all paparazzis or stalkers?
Jun and Feena: (in Japanese) Obviously we are not! We’re just casual fans of your show, “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya”!
Aya Hirano: (in Japanese) Well, that’s good to hear. May you please introduce yourselves since I’ve just finished my appointment at Hero TV early and therefore have more time to myself?

The group then begins the character introduction phase.

Aya Hirano: (in Japanese) Good. Now please state your purpose in meeting me, my surname-sake.
Jun: (in Japanese) It’s because… I just want to see you personally, that’s all.
Aya Hirano: (in Japanese) How nice of you. Here, I’ll give you this item. I picked this up at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. I don’t know what this… egg-shaped thing really is, but please keep it as a souvenir from me. And save the autographs for later.
Jun: (in Japanese) Thank you, thank you! I don’t need an autograph; all I need is this to remember you by.
Aya Hirano: (in Japanese) Well said, Jun-san. Gotta go for now; I still have much of the Philippines to explore within my three-day limit.
Jun: (in Japanese) May we wish you all the luck. Sayonara.
Aya Hirano: Sayonara.

Jun’s group and the seiyuu then part ways.

Jun: (in Japanese) Well, the meeting was short, but very very sweet! Beats a lengthy yet monotonous interview.

Feena then interprets Jun’s say in English.

Yeng: You’re lucky that you finally got something accomplished, Jun-san. Congrats.

Feena then interprets Yeng’s response in Japanese.

But then, something strange happens. A blinding speck of light comes from Jun’s hand. Another one appears from his shirt pocket.

Feena: Is this some kind of a reaction?
Yeng: Then please tell me what’s in Jun’s shirt pocket, Feena!
Feena: It’s an egg-shaped stone similar to what Aya gave him.

The specks of light then disappear, and Jun is still dumbfounded at this surprising event. Feena then takes a quick look at his hand where he holds the stone.

Feena: (in Japanese) It’s a miracle! That stone you held… has changed form! And the stone that Aya gave you… it’s now in your shirt pocket!
Jun: (in slow but sure English) No, Feena. It’s Kooto Seibaa.
Yeng: Man, what a bland rip-off of an old TV ad…

Jun then whispers something to Feena.

Feena: (whispering) What?! Oh, I get it. (facing Yeng) Yeng, Jun would like to give this… “fused” stone to you as a gesture of friendship. He still has the stone that Aya gave him intact.
Yeng: I dunno how to say this, but… thanks, Jun. I appreciate this.

You got: Futatsu Hirano Materia!

This item gives Yeng the ability to perform a special move called “Dos Hiranos”. Basically, it summons the two Hiranos (Jun and Aya) to increase the entire party’s ATK and INT. The technique is only used once per battle.

The rest of the day ends with Yeng and Jun (and Feena), of course, parting ways.

Matthew Luke: It’s a good thing na magkaibigan pa rin sina Yeng at Jun even after the PDA days.
Hyacinth: But only God knows when will that friendship last as long as ours, Matt. Pero masaya pa rin ako sa kanila, at last.

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