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“Do you know who I am? I am supreme darkness. I am one of the fallen. There are those who seek to destroy me. That is an impossibility, for evil cannot be destroyed. If someone told you I was just your average villain, not a care in the world, somebody lied. Who am I? Are you sure you want to know? I seek to reform the showbiz world by cleansing it of undesirable people. Someday, that dream of mine will be fulfilled, and no one will be spared. NO ONE! I will wreak vengeance on those who have made some celebrities’ lives miserable. I will spread their blood with my fists. This is my gift. It is my curse.

“Who am I? I am DJ MO TWISTER!”

DJ Mo’s confidante, Borgy Manotoc, nonchalantly asks his superior, “Why does it seem like that entire evil monologue was ripped off from the hit movie, Spider-Man?”

The DJ answers back, “Shut up! That’s why! To fulfill my dream, OUR dream, we are currently employing my questions that cleanse those undesirables and then culminating with the simultaneous refragmentation of the two giant networks using ABC-5 as my personal muscle.”

“It’s OK that you used your powerful questions to put Vina Morales to shame, but why are you using Tony Boy Cojuangco’s network?”

“See those two women? They have strong links to ABC-5.”

DJ Mo then introduces the two women who have been injected with Orphnoch DNA in the last episode. They are Gretchen Barretto and Loren Legarda.

La Greta: Hinding-hindi ko mapapatawad ang mga ginawa sa akin ng lintik na Korina na iyon! And death to all married couples!

Loren: At hinding-hindi ko mapapatawad ang mga ginawa sa akin ng lintik na Noli na iyon, kaya ako lumayas sa Dos!

DJ Mo: Alright, ladies, now that today, December 17, is anti-Cha-Cha rally day, let’s show the nation that we are serious in realizing this one and only dream! Now, go to the Quirino Grandstand and wreak havoc there! The same goes for you, Borgy!

La Greta, Loren, Borgy: Yes, Master. (warps)

DJ Mo: And as for that mercenary army… I’ll be closely watching you…

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